Wild Terra Online August 31 Update: New Anti-Cheat, New Content, and More

Wild Terra Online Update
Wild Terra Online Update steam

Wild Terra recently received an update that added a new anti-cheat system, new content, and several changes. The automated anti-cheat system has finally made its way into the game and it monitors every action the player does. Using prohibited software, exploiting bugs, and doing cheats will lead to an automatic ban. If you get banned for no reason, you can message the support staff over here and get your issue resolved.

The developers have added potions to the game. It basically gives the user a buff depending on the potion consumed. These potions can be acquired by completing weekly quests but can only be activated one at a time.

Wild Terra Online August 31 Update

New items, Buildings, and Bonuses
  • Added a new type of poison: Slow Poison. Jars with this poison can be found in the loot where the usual poisons are.
  • Added a unique bonus "Rare Loot Chance - Skinning". It increases the chance of getting rare resources (for example, animal heads) when skinning.
  • Added a new type of coverage: Brick Paving.
  • Added new types of buildings: Traps. At the moment, only hunter traps are available, which need to be built outside of their dominium and at a distance from each other.
  • Added the corpses of Crows, Ferrets, Hares, and Foxes as separate items that can be skinned. You can find them in the hunter's traps.
Mechanic and Item Balance
  • Now you can skin-tamed Crows, Ferrets, Hares, and Foxes.
  • Now stone paving can only be built inside your dominium. Also, the price for its construction has been changed.
  • Reduced armor penetration bonus for Thozorium, Steel, and Iron arrows.
  • Increased the number of minimum stamina consumption when collecting resources from 1 to 3.
Changes and Improvements to the Interface
  • Now you can split items in a stack with an indication of the required number.
  • Minor UI improvements in the quest and skills window.
  • Added new categories in the crafting window for more convenient sorting of items.
  • Updated 3D model for Crystal Shield.
  • Updated item icons for Crystal Shield, Bow, and Sword.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug, when catching animals, it sometimes turned out to catch them several at a time.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the stun chance.

You can read more about the update here.

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