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Halloween is right around the corner and the developers of Wild Terra Online released new content for the season. The in-game Halloween event starts from October 13 and concludes on November 3, which gives players ample time to try things out.

Halloween Event

Get ready for the spooky season as the cursed trees have started to grow, and you can decorate them with Jack’s Lantern. Adding more decorations to trees calls the guards, who must be killed to progress. Destroy the wave of guards to earn a reward specifically made for this event. Also, beware of what you pick up, because Wild Pumpkins have also begun to grow in the world, which can be dangerous.

New Items

In this update, the developers added four new Halloween avatars, four new Halloween decors, and three new Halloween sweets, all of which you can get from Demonic Chests by trading items. There’s also a full set of heavy armor and light armor, which you can get by killing the Headless Guard.

Wild Terra Online Halloween Event Update

Halloween 2022
  • The "Headless Guard" has appeared in the Corrupted Lands, it will not be so easy to defeat him, so call your friends and get better prepared for battle. If you still manage to defeat him, then you will have a chance to get a unique mount "Headless Guard's Fire Horse," as well as other interesting items.
  • Halloween items have been added to the auction in the “Events” tab, which can be purchased for “Unholy Bones.” It can be obtained from Unholy Monsters (Unholy Rat and Barghest also include).
  • “Unholy brains” are no longer needed, but you can exchange them for “Unholy bones” at the auction. You can also put up goods for sale to other players for these bones.
New items, Decor and Balance
  • Added wild-growing pumpkin that will grow all over the world during the event and gathering home pumpkin will not give any result.
  • Minor changes to the Halloween quest chain.
  • The strength of all cursed monsters and animals has been changed, they have become slightly weaker, but now they can put a curse on the player when they die.

You can read more about the update here.

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