'Westworld' Samurai World Ending And Discover Westworld ARG Explained

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Westworld went nuts in episode 10
Westworld went nuts in episode 10 HBO

Needless to say, but there will be Westworld episode 10 spoilers.

That Westworld ending though. I thought Game Of Thrones was the pinnacle of how batshit HBO was willing to get, but that season finale was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. There is a robot uprising on our hands and it isn’t going to be pretty. Let’s take a look at just some of the stuff that happened, including a new online ARG that popped up after the episode aired.

Samurai World

One of the episode’s many huge, gigantic and insane reveals (unless you’re familiar with the original movie) is that Westworld is just one theme park with robotic people. After Maeve, her band of robotic outlaws and a spineless technician break themselves out of the park with all that patented gore you’ve come to expect out of HBO, the gang walks into a room with “SW” on the door. Inside are a bunch of samurai hosts in glass cages, some are even dueling. These are exactly like the ones at Westworld, just themed differently.

The implications of this scene completely redefine how we see their world. Does that mean there is a Medieval World, Caveman World or even a world that’s set in the 1990s in New York? Sex And The City / Friends World, tell me that wouldn’t get the nostalgia train running.

Fans on Twitter are already desperate for season two to come out, to find out about more parks.

Delos Incorporated And Discover Westworld

On discoverwestworld.com, the chatting robot has gotten a bit more self aware. After a brief video, where an image seen through Daredevil’s eyes tells us “the world isn’t for us anymore,” you get to talk with Aeden, the sex robot. Aeden now wants to know a bit more about himself, if he’s living in a dream and where to go. Seems like he’s trying to figure out that maze…

Right after the episode aired, a fan tried putting “reverie,” which is the song that Arnold programmed into all the lil’ bots’ heads to have them transcend being, into the admin box at delosincorporated.com. What followed was a long series of numbers, which after translated a few times ends up sounding like this.

I’m not going to get to go to all the timelines, storyline loose threads and just overall shenanigans. At least, not until tomorrow. Tell me what you think of episode 10 of Westworld in the comments. Things are going to get crazy in Season 2.

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