Wee Tanks! Update 0.8.19: Builder Mode and Bug Fixes

Wee Tanks! Update 0.8.19
Wee Tanks! Update 0.8.19 Steam

Wee Tanks! recently received an update that introduced the new Builder Mode feature. In addition to that, the developer has also fixed several bugs and added two new languages.

Builder Mode

A new feature called Builder Mode is now available and it lets players use each and every prop easily without grinding for marbles. Players can enable this feature in the account settings. However, enabling the Builder Mode will disable the earning of marbles and XP.

WIP - New Achievement Pictures

Currently, the developer is working hard to provide all achievements with their own unique pictures. For those who are wondering, more achievements will be eventually added.

Wee Tanks! Update 0.8.19

  • Survival mode has a big improvement in performance.
  • Fixed not earning marbles and rewards from campaigns or challenges.
  • Player boost drains quicker now, but player speed is slightly increased.
  • New icon for XP rewards from challenges (in the server messages).
  • Fixed bullets clipping with blocks, and bullets teleporting when ricocheting at an angle.
  • Clicking outside of the properties menu disables it.
  • Fixed electro tanks barely spawning on survival mode.
  • Fixed grass in survival blocking from shooting at targets.
  • Main menu track driving sounds now lower in volume.
  • Fixed deleting enemy tanks in the editor still leaving a mark on the grid.
  • Properties for lighthouses now show up again, happy property changing!
  • Fixed some more controllers not responsive in the main menu after coming back from a game.
  • White tanks death particles shrapnel is now white again!
  • Fixed player bullet sound leaking from the map editor to other scenes.
  • Fixed commander boom not showing up in map editor anymore.
  • Fixed King Tank Tokyo drifting when player not in sight.
  • Fixed engineer tank's turret tank will never deploy if engineer himself is killed before the turret appears.
  • Planes can now spawn as a shiny plane.
  • Fixed bomber plane not showing up.
  • RD missiles have a new target on the floor which makes it more obvious.
  • Bomber plane also emits new targets on the floor.
  • Added Japanese and Russian languages.
  • Most of the languages are now 100% translated!!

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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