Wasteland Remastered Update 1.18 Improves Inventory System

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Wasteland Remastered continues to grow and improve. The 1.18 update, which released yesterday, has reworked how the inventory works in the game. From now on, you will be able to sort your items by equipped, alphabetical, and inverse alphabetical order. Skills can also be sorted by level and alphabetical order. You can also create your own order by clicking on the items and the mouse wheel will now change the page.

The update also fixed several annoying bugs. Player ranks don’t have missing translation anymore and the not healing bug in the disbanded party has been resolved. "Use these combat options?" now has only two options, namely, Yes/No. Choosing Radiation Armor in Slot 1 of inventory will not cause it to become useless. A complete list of bug fixes and other changes are mentioned below and on the official site.

Wasteland Remastered Update 1.18 Patch Notes



  • Items can be sorted by: equipped, alphabetical, and inverse alphabetical
  • Skills can be sorted by: level, inverse level, alphabetical, and inverse alphabetical
  • You can click on (or select with d-pad and A-button) or select by number to construct your own order, then fill with the remaining items keeping their existing order
  • Mouse wheel will change the page of the right hand window


  • On the items tab of a character select the new "Trade" button (help is now removed from "items" tab) you will be able to select whom you want to trade to; and what items, with it showing you how many slots are available at the recipient
  • All the trading functionality (like NPCs refusing) should still occur with this system


  • Fix for disbanded party not healing
  • Fix for missing translation on player ranks
  • Fix for the skills text alignment (so that if a skill goes to level 10; the skill names are formatted correctly)
  • Made the lock-out on the right trigger only check the right trigger release before disabling the lock-out
  • Fix for buttons changing from a key to button after one frame when using controller
  • Added window clear if ESC pressed while selecting shot type (Single, Semi, Auto)
  • Fix for radiation armor not working if in slot 1 of the inventory
  • Set up Yes/No selections to only accept 1, 2, Y, N, ESC
  • "Use these combat options?" now only accepts Yes/No
  • Fix for combat content getting pushed to the bottom right window incorrectly
  • Fix for character name not being displayed at end-of-game special level up
  • Fix for the last page of the character’s items while in a shop not updating, if you sell all items on that page
  • Temple of the Mushroom Cloud: Fix for issue where the main entrance doors to the mushroom temple would not visually close after opening them with the passwords, but then blowing up the security camera (Discord report)
  • Temple of the Mushroom Cloud: fixes for explosion offsets on some doors
  • Scott's Bar: added conversation tag to a couple more lines of the Riddler's (Scott's Bar) conversation to fix missing or incorrect cameos in conversations
  • Now only plays the "end of combat" sting if you were in a combat (not just doing an encounter round when not in combat to reload, etc)
  • Needles Police Station: linked up missing events for one door in the police station to fix a door that does not animate
  • Fix for numbers being usable during direction select instead of WASD / ESDF (or controller direction)
  • Added support for mouse wheel to all menus item and skill selections
  • Fixed multiple problems with map sizing
  • Pool and Divide now retain highlight position on menus
  • Removed pool and divide from the Buy/Sell select menu
  • Fix for random nameless cameos when forcing combat. Have replaced with current player to clean it up
  • UI: Fix for "$..." being displayed when Pool or Divide is used on the BUY/SELL selection
  • Fix to solve some invisible enemies
  • Fix for save game loading while in combat, so that the next combat you have after the load doesn’t have additional enemies
  • Fix for "press any key to continue" not fitting for non-English languages
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