Warlander: Newbies Can Now Train Before Doing Real Battle in Update

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Warlander is a 3D hybrid game that combines elements from multiple genres, including MOBA, battle royale, and action RPG, to create something really special. This game focuses on group play where the main objective is to try and defeat the opposing team by destroying their castle.

Just recently, developer Toylogic released Update which added Practice Mode to the game. This is a single-player mode where players will fight against and alongside bots. This is a pretty neat feature that allows newbies to get a feel for the game before they do battles against real people.

For seasoned veterans of Warlander, there's also another game mode added in this patch called Superior Foe Battle. The game would normally match players of similar rank but this mode can sometimes pit players against people of a higher rank. When this happens, the amount of XP they can gain after a battle is increased, a reward for enduring the more difficult encounter.



  • New Map
    • Moonlit Church has been added.
  • Cataclysm Death Penalty
    • Characters killed by a Cataclysm will now need to wait longer than normal to respawn.
    • Players can use this to restrict high level enemy characters by making it more difficult for them to be Deployed in Battle.
  • Opening Movie added to title screen
    • After a certain amount of time elapses on the title screen, a movie will play introducing users to the world of Warlander.
  • Additional Tutorials
    • An additional tutorial has been added after the tutorial on the flow of Battle explaining Cataclysms and anti-siege weaponry.


  • When the game is first launched, the player now has another set of common equipment for warriors.
  • Kill Assist, as well as kills, now earn Valor points according to the Title rank difference of the enemy killed.
  • When purchasing equipment from the Shop, the Perk attached to equipment is now displayed in the Shop.
  • If a Mage takes damage while summoning a Familiar, the summon will be canceled.
  • Familiars can now be summoned in the air.


  • Adjusted the HP of the stone castle gate and outer gate due to the decrease in the amount of power increased by customization related to the catapult.
    • Stone Castle Gate 24,000 > 19,500
    • Outer Gate 9,000 > 7,000
  • Adjusted the object notation on the tooltip menu to make it easier to identify weapons with high object destruction power.
  • The warning signs were too short and difficult to react to, so the warning sign motion of the dash slash has been slightly lengthened.
  • The timing to react to an enemy stagger has been extended.
    • The time to launch a critical slash after a stagger was too short, so the time before the stagger ends has been extended.
  • The Perk for the exclusive Familiar of the Mage Title "Stormbringer" has been changed from increasing servant attack power to strengthening lightning attack.

Warlander Update is now available on PC.

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