Warframe Update 28.3.3 Reverts Parazon Revive Animations, Patch Notes Here

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Even after seven long years, the free-to-play role-playing multiplayer game Warframe is still getting support from its developers. The massive Derelict Shift update went live a couple of days ago, and now a small patch to support the update is also live. Almost all the changes made by this hotfix patch are bug fixes. The patch, numbered 28.3.3, is now available and should download automatically.

Some new Parazon Revive animations have been reverted because they were getting stuck. Several crash issues regarding Archwing have been resolved and several script errors have also been handled. Nora transmission will now stop when you skip the intro cinematic and the nonfunctional option in the Companion Customization screen will work as intended.

Complete patch notes of the hotfix update are mentioned below. You can also check out the official blog post over here.

Warframe Derelict Shift: Hotfix 28.3.3 Patch Notes


  • Reverted some of the new Parazon Revive animations due to Clients becoming stuck Reviving.


  • Fixed a crash that would occur if a Client did not select a Relic in an endless Void Fissure mission before the timer expired.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Archwing while Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors is active.
  • Fixed a UI lockup that could occur when viewing Mod Links from Chat.
  • Fixed the Static Reactor Prime Sigil removing details (including Prime details) when equipped on a Warframe.
  • Fixed a nonfunctional option in the Companion Customization screen.
  • Fixed potentially stale squad messages being sent and accepted (typically JOIN messages) which resulted in a ping of death.
  • Fixed shooting the Akjagara/Akjagara Prime while holding an Excavator Power Cell resulting in swapping the weapon with the Power Cell.
  • Fixed Nora’s transmissions not stopping when skipping the Episode intro cinematic.
  • Fixed more Nightwave Episode 4 text not being localized for some languages.
  • Fixed a script error in Orb Vallis after completing a Heist.
  • Fixed a script error when using ENTER to autocomplete a text suggestion in Settings.

So what do you think? Have you been playing Warframe recently? Did you encounter any of these bugs before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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