‘Warcraft’ Movie TV Spot Neatly Summarizes A Plot Made For Wicked Airbrushed Vans

"Warcraft" will be released to theaters on June 10, 2016. Facebook

The new TV spot for Warcraft neatly summarizes the plot in 30 seconds and provides years of dope, wicked and fresh airbrushed van inspiration. The orcs and the humans are on the warpath in Warcraft and only that one special orc and that one special human can unite the two warring kingdoms in peace, brotherhood, and rad wizard bong, black light poster camaraderie.

New 'Warcraft' TV Spot

The Warcraft movie just keeps looking sillier. Still, if your primary question when going to the theater is “what’s the per-minute count on armor, swords, and flying beasties?” then Warcraft will be to your liking.




Another reason to continue being hopeful about Warcraft is its director, Duncan Jones, who showed an ability to push good character through high concepts and CGI with his previous movies Source Code and Moon .




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