Voor De Kroon January 30 Update: Siege Battles and Unit Level System

Voor De Kroon 30 January Update
Voor De Kroon 30 January Update Steam

Voor De Kroon received an update that brought several new changes to siege battles and the unit level system, on top of the usual bug fixes and optimizations.

Siege Battles

The latest update features new changes regarding siege battles. Now, players can create siege engines and give them formations to attack enemy castles. A siege can only be won by annihilating the enemy formations, but it is possible to give defenders a morale penalty by damaging the castle.

Unit Level System

In this update, units earn experience for fighting battles and getting kills. When new units are recruited, their formation will be sloppy but at level five, they will become better at fighting and holding their formation. Also, players can now access unit details to check their progress level, and can even transfer units from the unit detail screen if they want.

Voor De Kroon 30 January Update

Full Changelog
  • Formations heal 10% every season.
  • Formations retain their deaths after battle.
  • Set formation sergeant as correct sergeant model.
  • Add historically accurate romanesque church.
  • Show sergeants experience and level in afterbattle screen.
  • Sergeant xp needed scales directly against monthly cost scaling.
  • Change transfer unit to unit details screen with unit experience and commander info.
  • Sergeants keep track of kills.
  • Add level system to sergeants.
  • Tweak mounted player animations.
  • Fix some options not being saved properly.
  • Formations now only make volley start sounds when actually targeting a formation.
  • Fix player getting knocked down after dismounting horse.
  • Fixed possession of melee units.
  • Tweak formation charge behavior.
  • Fix bug causing player to be stuck when spawning a formation proxy fails.
  • Add kletsies to Frisian troops.
  • Add siege weapon for siege defenders.
  • Fix arrow rotation on shields.
  • Allow player to pick battle side, season, year and weather when starting skirmish battle.
  • Only charge into other formation when direction to other formation is smaller than 50 degrees from the direction the formation was charging to another formation.
  • Cycle formation shape during deployment with spacebar/left trigger.
  • Prevent player from being thrown out of the level when dismounting horse.
  • Fix proxy player spawning.
  • Give ranged units a sidearm. They will draw a secondary weapon when attacked in melee. The formation will behave as a melee formation after this.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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