Video Game Based on Cobra Manga in the Works

Excited about this one?
Excited about this one? Microids

A new video game based on the Cobra series is currently in development. It’s adapted from the Japanese animation series of the same title produced by TMS Entertainment. While there’s no official title yet for the game, it’s set to give players the chance to take on the role of the famous galactic bounty hunter named Cobra. This is planned for release on PC and consoles.

In a statement, Microids CEO Stéphane Longeard revealed that they’re really excited to work on an adaptation of a legendary anime which has become an inspiration for an entire generation of fans. He added that they’re committed to the characters and universe created by Buichi Terasawa. At the same time, they wanted to offer an immersive gameplay experience faithful to the spirit of the anime.

Meanwhile, TMS CEO Tadashi Takezaki shared that they’re confident fans of Cobra will be thrilled with this upcoming video game. He added that they’re excited to see the final product.

The manga Cobra was released in 1978 written and illustrated by Buichi Terasawa. The story is set in the far future and focuses on Cobra, who has been living an adventurous life before his enemies start to hunt him down. To have a normal life and hide from his enemies, he not only alters his face surgically but also erases his own memory. However, he eventually gets his memories back and reunites with Lady Armaroid. The series was able to fascinate generations of fans through the complex plot that came with a lot of twists and turns. One way to describe it is a mix of samurai stories and Spaghetti Western.

This upcoming video game was announced by Microids and TMS. Microids is a French video game publisher founded in 1985 and is mainly focused on adventure games, racing games, retro gaming, and games inspired by iconic titles. TMS, meanwhile, is one of Japan’s largest anime studios with more than 420 titles, including “Lupin The 3rd,” “Dr. Stone,” and “Hanma Baki.”

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