Valve Has Updated Its Rules On Promoting Other Platforms

New update for Valve
New update for Valve pcgamesn

Steam has updated their Steamworks documentation FAQ, forbidding developers from using the community hub to promote the non-Steam version of games on Steam. This rule was updated due to the fact that game developers used the Steam platform to support games on other publishing stores such as the Epic Games Store.

“In the game you ship via Steam, and in communications on Steam, you may only promote the Steam version and its availability via Steam, and not other distribution outlets,” Steam stated in their FAQ post. “This applies both to full versions of your game and to content patches that change the existing version.”

Valve also explained that this isn’t a new rule Steam has introduced, however, the rule was updated for newer developers to remind them that the developer Steam pages aren’t supposed to be used for promoting the developer’s games on other platforms. This rule will help prevent developers from using one platform to gain more popularity on another platform, effectively turning Steam into a billboard. It won’t make any drastic changes to Steam, but if game developers are found violating the rules, Steam will try to communicate and resolve the issue.

"Regarding the updated language on the Steamworks Community FAQ; the general spirit of this update was to remind content creators that their Steam pages should not be used for certain activities such as for the promotion of a game’s exclusive availability on a competing platform, the promotion of an external download that circumvents Steam content policies, or the promotion of other activity that conflicts with the Steam Distribution Agreement," A Valve representative said in a statement to PCGamer.

So, what are your thoughts on Valve's new rules for promoting games on their platform? Do you think Steam did the right thing by updating this rule to prevent developers from promoting their games on other marketplaces? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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