Valheim: Beta Patch 0.213.3 Adds Ballista Targeting System and Hexagonal Gate

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There’s a new beta update for Valheim now available on the public test server. Beta Patch 0.213.3 is a pretty chunky one that contains new content and some useful changes.

Players can now create a Hexagonal Gate. To do that, a couple of Black Marble Plinths have to be placed in a specific way for the option to craft the Hexagonal Gate to pop up. This is one of the most requested features by the Valheim community and it’s nice to see that the developers have given them what they wanted.

Aside from that, players can now force the ballista to target a specific target by “feeding” it a trophy. For example, players can use a Deer Trophy to have the ballista shoot a deer when it’s in range. Don’t worry, the trophies fed to the ballista will not be consumed.

For game changes, the Mistlands boss now flees if it is unable to reach the player for some reason. Furthermore, mobs inside Mistlands Dungeons can now respawn normally. This is a very useful change because players who are looking to farm some specific items can now do so without using custom mods.

Here are the other tweaks in Beta Patch 0.213.3:

  • Seeker circling tweaks (They should now feel a bit more aggressive again)
  • Gjall spit attack tweaks (They now shoot 2 projectiles again, but the burst interval is increased. Should now be more visible and somewhat easier to avoid instead. More fire damage, less blunt damage)
  • Added post-Queen nightspawns of Seekers, Broods and Ticks in Meadows, Black Forest, Mountain and Plains biomes
  • Mistlands boss now tries to flee if unable to reach the player
  • Mobs inside Mistlands Dungeons can now respawn
  • Royal jelly piles inside Mistlands Dungeons are now respawning (Added hanging Royal Jelly piles as an indicator in big dungeon rooms)
  • Wolves can now eat Chicken meat (Yum!)
  • Mist torches are no longer a primary target for enemies
  • Tweaked portal size to Mistlands boss room (The entrance “box” was a bit too big. Players should no longer be able to mine the top of the entrance and be able to press “E” to enter through the wall/stones)
  • Tweaked portal size on Mistlands dungeon exits (The exit “box” was a bit too big. Players should no longer be able to exit the dungeon while being on the floor right above the entrance)
  • Eitr regen is no longer affected by swimming or when encumbered
  • Ymir Flesh is now purchasable from Haldor after Elder is dead, instead of after Bonemass
  • Health and resistance tweaks on some Dvergr pieces
  • Ballista ammo capacity increased from 20 to 40

So, what can you say about the Hexagonal Gate? Are you happy that mobs in the Mistlands Dungeons now respawn naturally without mods?

Valheim Beta Patch 0.213.3 is available on PC.

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