VALHALL: Harbinger Update New Land and Bug Fixes

VALHALL: Harbinger
VALHALL: Harbinger Steam

VALHALL: Harbinger received a massive update that brought a new map, swimmable lakes, and much more.

The developers made it compulsory for players to start a fresh game to prevent issues from previous versions of the game to carry forward into the new patch. Players can delete their old save files by pressing restart in the pause menu or they can do it manually by going into C:|Users|*YourName*|AppData|Local|VALHALL and deleting the save folder.

New Map

This update also brought a new map, which is an island with lots of obstacles for animals and warrior bots navigation. The map brings several items, such as aspens, firs, and red pines that can be cut down to gather resources. Keep in mind that this map hasn’t been fully developed yet, so if you see unfinished parts while exploring the map, that means the area will be updated in a future patch.

Swimmable Lakes

Players might have wondered why there were lakes in the game if they couldn’t swim in them. It looked weird when players just walked through the water. Well, that changes in this update. Players can now swim and drink from these lakes which also received small touches to make them visually pleasing. The developers added markers over these lakes to easily spot them.

VALHALL: Harbinger Update Pre-Beta 0.8.5

Other Additions and Fixes
  • Based on player feedback, we've added an aim UI. It shows the direction of your mouse, which can help you navigate through directional attacks. The bow remains unsighted.
  • The camera has been adjusted to make movement more enjoyable, and some actions, such as the construction process, have become smoother.
  • Changed the set of characters in Survival mode.
  • The running speed has become mostly higher to feel more agile and reach destinations faster. The important point is that it has a speed acceleration curve that greatly affects its actual feel and various nuances such as being able to run away from attackers.
  • Fixed various main menu bugs such as overlapping different UI tabs in some cases when after entering the Armory. Also disabled the current background animations, the appearance and functionality of the main menu will be updated in future patches.
  • Now the game starts faster, game modes load faster.
  • Fixed an issue where the process not stop after closing the game. It also affected in-game performance and could cause minor freezes every few seconds before fix.

You can read more about the update here.

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