V Rising Update 0.5.44979: Introduces Free DLC for Halloween and Some General Changes

V Rising Update 0.5.44979
V Rising Update 0.5.44979 Steam

Stunlock Studios, developers of V Rising, have released a new update for Halloween that comes with game improvements and a free time-limited DLC Haunted Nights Castle Pack . Grab this DLC before November 7, and it will be available in-game all-year round.

Haunted Nights Castle Pack

The free DLC brings new interior décor, lights, mirrors, caskets, and more. Some of these can only be unlocked after completing certain Journal Quests. By completing the Lord of Shadows quest, you can unlock the Haunted Nights Coffin and Haunted Nights Stash. Similarly, completing Expanding my Domain quest will grant you the Haunted Nights Standing Mirror.

General Changes

In this update, developers made a huge change to the Servant Resurrection timer. They increased the time from 15 seconds to 10 minutes to tackle certain PvP issues where players were able to abuse this system.

V Rising Update 0.5.44979

  • We have rebalanced how Siege Golem health is calculated and have updated the Siege Golem health settings. By default, Siege Golems will have 250% more health (represented as shield value) than before. The Golem's health also scales based on the player's current health to a minimum of 50% of the total health (should the player transforming have less than 50% health, the golem’s shield value will be reduced accordingly).
  • The default time-slot setting for when PvP raiding is active has been reduced to 18:00-22:00 local server time from 17:00-23:00.
  • The maximum height travel for Mist Trance has been reduced; this fixes an issue where players could reach unwanted heights using this ability.
  • The mirror visuals of the Gothic Mirror and the Cabal Mirror have been updated.
  • Chandeliers and other rotating buildable objects no longer flicker when “temporal anti-aliasing” and “motion blur” is active.
  • The chat message that printed “We are experiencing technical issues on some hardware setups…” every 90 minutes, prompting users to restart their game has been removed periodically.
  • Added rocks north of the Farbane Bear Cave so that players in the future cannot build in such a way that it blocks the cave exit, trapping players. Also added a new route to take if there is an actual castle blocking the normal path.
  • Fixed a glitch in the Silverlight Silver Mines that allowed players to jump into the mountain.
  • Fixed a bug where some world teleporters could stop working for new players.

You can read more about the Halloween DLC Haunted Nights Castle Pack here, and the details of the patch notes here.

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