'Twin Peaks' 2017 Plot Spoilers: Secrets Of The Red Room And Another Returning FBI Agent

New episodes of 'Twin Peaks' premiere May 21 on Showtime. Showtime

While David Lynch won’t reveal anything about his 18 new episodes of Twin Peaks — won’t even confirm that returning cast members are playing the same characters — Showtime CEO David Nevins certainly isn’t shy.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Nevins revealed that the new Twin Peaks will be returning us to the Red Room and explaining more of Twin Peaks’ enigmatic world. “ Twin Peaks is a cosmology,” Nevins said. “What I think is satisfying about the new version is that it’s a deeper exploration of that stuff. What is the Red Room? How does the Red Room work? Where is Agent Cooper? Can he make it back?”

In the original Twin Peaks we learned that the Red Room is in the Black Lodge, an extra-dimensional space that, according to Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse, returning in 2017 episodes), “every spirit must pass through” to encounter their shadow selves. “If you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.”

The Black Lodge and the Red Room exist in duality with the White Lodge, “a place of great goodness,” turncoat FBI agent Windom Earle said. Some sort of gateway to the Black and White Lodges exist in the forests surrounding the town of Twin Peaks. 25 years later, the dark forces are at work once more.

While Nevins descriptions are more plot teaser than plot spoiler, the EW story reveals a few other interesting details about the upcoming Twin Peaks episodes. The 142-day shoot went around the country, including Death Valley, suggesting that some of the characters will be returning to Twin Peaks after years away.

Also, in addition to the return of primary Twin Peaks cast members, the 2017 Twin Peaks will see the return of David Duchovny as the FBI agent, Denise.

“It’s a feature film in 18 parts,” Lynch said. The new Twin Peaks premieres May 21.

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