Tribes of Midgard: Mounts Have Finally Arrived in Valhalla Saga Update

Valhalla Saga Update
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The survival and action RPG hybrid Tribes of Midgard is a pretty massive game where you explore vast worlds, gather resources to forge new equipment, and slay Ancient bosses. It’s time-consuming to go from one place to another on foot. Thankfully, the developers finally introduced mounts with the newly released Valhalla Saga update.

Giddy Up!

Mounts in Tribes of Midgard are rideable animals that boost your movement speed by 40%. Although they are enabled by default, you must be at least level 3 in Saga and level 10 in Survival mode before you can mount up. You will start with a humble Amber Horse. You can view your current mount or change them from the accessories section of the customize menu.

Keep in mind that your mounts have their own HP that regenerates over time. If they get attacked and their health is reduced to zero, you’ll be dismounted and you cannot summon them for a short time. You must wait after the cooldown is finished before you can ride them again.

You won’t be dismounted when you engage in quick interactions, such as opening gates, activating effigies, or talking to NPCs. However, certain actions like reviving allies or harvesting crops will dismount you. The good news is that the cooldown will not be triggered if you’re dismounted this way.

Empowered Ancient Runes

Ancient Runes in Tribes of Midgard can be acquired by defeating the Ancient bosses in the game. The developers introduced them to provide you with a fun utility associated with the themes of each boss. However, they’ve acknowledged that these runes were not truly befitting the power of the Ancients. That is why they’ve added new effects to make slaying Ancients more rewarding in the Valhalla Saga update. Here’s a rundown of the new effects:

  • Fenrir Rune
    • Reduce Durability loss on Equipment by [50%], and increase damage dealt by [100%] when under 50% HP.
    • Note: Durability loss was reduced from 100% to 50% to make way for the powerful new effect and avoid bypassing durability loss entirely with a single Rune.
  • Jörmungandr Rune
    • Enable infinite swim endurance and increase swim speed by [75%]. Increase HP by [50%].
  • Surtr Rune
    • Nullify hot Temperature effects, and prevent damage when swimming in lava (we knew you would want to try, have fun!). Increase damage dealt by last combo attack by [150%].
  • Hel Rune
    • Nullify cold Temperature effects, and increase movement speed by [20%] during the night. Gain [medium] Mana over time.

Tribes of Midgard Valhalla Saga update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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