theHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.71 New Features and Bug Fixes

theHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.71
theHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.71 Expansive Worlds

Developers of theHunter: Call of the Wild released a new update that introduced a new Weapon Customization System and several fixes for some known issues.

New Weapon Customization System

The developers added a new Weapon Customization System that allows players to tune the appearance of their weapons using paints, camos, wraps, and more. Plus, players can receive six additional items with the free Scout Pack, while collectors can get the Veteran Pack, which features seven exclusive cosmetic options.

Animal Remastering

In the latest update, some animals like the red fox, whitetail deer, and moose received a visual rework consisting of updated textures, furs and models. In addition to that, the moose got a full body rework that enabled better animation.

theHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.71

Additional Features
  • The majestic Moose is now present as one of the extremely rare Great Ones.
  • We’ve implemented aggressive behavior for the Moose.
  • We’ve reworked the moose’s audio, including new aggressive calls and more variations for existing ones.
  • We’ve implemented a new design for the Need Zone info box on the map, which can now display multiple animals’ schedules.
  • The Harvest Screen has been updated with a Preview Mode.
  • A new Multi-Mount Trophy has been added for a Moose and a Bobwhite Quail called “Moosic to my ears.”
  • Button prompts will now properly show when placing portable structures.
  • We’ve added a Depth of Field toggle in the Graphics Settings on PC.
Bug Fixes
  • Brought new stability improvements on Xbox.
  • Fixed a common crash on PS4 when skipping the intro cutscenes and entering the Main Menu.
  • Fixed an issue on console where vegetation appeared dithered when players viewed it from a short distance.
  • Fixed the issue in Hope #8 in Layton Lake. Players will now be able to complete it.
  • Fixed an issue where the glass lens was visible through some scopes, sights and binoculars.
  • The Boomstick perk will now only work with double-barrel shotguns.
  • Fixed some instances where animals teleported while drinking in Silver Ridge Peaks.
  • Huntermate and indicators won’t appear anymore when players are in the Trophy Lodge.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the hammer of Colt .45 guns to automatically get cocked when manual chambering was on.

You can read more about theHunter: Call of the Wild Update 1.71 here.

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