TFC: The Fertile Crescent Update 07070: Neutral Settlements, Stances, and Bug Fixes

TFC: The Fertile Crescent Update 07070
TFC: The Fertile Crescent Update 07070 Steam

TFC: The Fertile Crescent received a major update focused on new features and bug fixes. Two of the new features introduced are Neutral Settlements and Stances, with more details found below.

Neutral Settlements

Previously, players rarely needed to split up their army for attack or defense. In this update, the developers have introduced Neutral Settlements which are Points of Interest. With an increasing number of strategies to be considered, the POIs add more depth and provide claimable bonuses.


Before, most units would attack enemies on sight and chase them everywhere. So, the developers have rectified this situation by introducing three new unit stances:

  • Hold ground
  • Defensive
  • Aggressive

These stances give players better control over their units. Villagers should no longer go crazy and find themselves in the middle of nowhere because they were chasing enemies.

TFC: The Fertile Crescent Update 07070

Enemy AI Improvements
  • Enemy AIs will focus more on destroying a Watchtower target with their melee units instead of changing target before it's destroyed.
  • Enemy AIs will no longer target irrelevant wall segments.
  • Enemy AIs will now attempt to penetrate a Watchtower that is completely surrounded by wall segments.
Other Improvements
  • Added animation for Open Technology Tree button that plays after gaining a Knowledge Point.
  • After losing in Horde Mode, the game over screen will show how many waves you reached.- Incoming horde skulls in minimap will bounce to nudge you.
  • Babylonian buildings are rendered with the correct color shading.
  • Palace is no longer locked in the Tutorial.
Balance changes
  • The amount of Knowledge required to accumulate a Knowledge Point has increased by 25%.
  • Each tree has 30 wood (from 20).
  • Palace costs 75 food to construct (from 150).
  • Palace requires 150 manpower to construct (from 75).
  • Elite Slinger has +20% attack speed (from 15%).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed hotkeys for Furnance equipment production buttons.
  • Population counter shows correct values in Tutorial.
  • Fixed a problem with skirmish AI not finding more farmland to clear, which would cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed that the wall building preview remained on the screen after returning from the construct building menu to villager commands.
  • Scribes apply increased Knowledge generation from priests correctly.
  • Fixed some minor issues with not displaying the villager militia indicator correctly.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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