Tales of Arise: The Playable Characters We Know So Far

Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise Bandai Namco

Are you excited for another Tales game? If so, mark your calendars because its newest entry, Tales of Arise, will be available on September 10 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

It has been five years since the last Tales game was released but this time, you are going to be treated to a new title with lots to offer.

The trailer did provide us with a glimpse of what the game looks like, though not much has been said about the characters, until now.

The Characters

Let’s start with the main protagonist, Alphen. Alphen hails from Dahna and not much is known about him. What we do know is that something happened to him which hindered his ability to feel pain. This, in turn, also caused his memory loss as he is unable to remember anything about his past.

Those who love using swords will most likely enjoy Alphen. He is a dual-sword wielder using one standard blade and a special blazing sword that he borrows from another character, Shionne.

It is likely that Alphen’s abilities mostly revolve around the element of fire and his Mystic Artes will resemble that.

If close combat is not your thing, then perhaps you can give Shionne a try. She is originally from the planet of Rena and wields a rifle as her weapon of choice. She was labeled a traitor, which is why she joins Alphen in her quest to revolt against her own people.

While her kit deals considerable damage, she is capable of healing her allies as well.

Another character that will join the party is Law. He is part of the “Bull’s Eye,” a secret police group in Rena.

A police officer and a supreme martial artist, he comes across Alphen when the group arrives in the region of Cyslodia.

He uses his legs and fists to fight enemies and he can infuse his attacks with lightning.

The last playable character we know so far is Rinwell. Another native of Dahna, she can control the Astral Artes, which is quite strange considering that only Renans can do it naturally.

Rinwell uses a spellbook to conjure projectiles or control the elements through her Elemental Artes.

She is not alone in her quest, though, as she is accompanied by her owl companion, Hootle.

These are the currently unveiled playable characters in Tales of Arise. It is possible that more characters will join Alphen’s group before the official game release.

Which one of them are you going to choose?

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