Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga Update 1.0.5 Now Lets Players Disband Story Characters after Chapter Six

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga Update 1.0.5 Steam

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga is a beautifully-crafted, 2D turn-based strategy RPG where you play as a fresh academy graduate from Tahnra tasked to lead a grand army to fight a corrupt adversary. While it doesn't have flashy graphics like other games in the genre, Symphony of War boasts impeccable storytelling. In fact, it currently has an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam, which shows you that its plot is its strong suit.

Anyway, Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga developer Dancing Dragon Games launched Update 1.0.5 recently, which brought gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

One of the most important things in this update is that you can now disband story characters from their default squads after completing Chapter 6. This gives you the freedom to put them in any other group that can make great use of their abilities.

In terms of improvements, all gauges will always have at least one pixel when displaying information. For example, the HP bar will always have a pixel if the character is not incapacitated.

Freezing, crashing, and softlocking in any game is quite frustrating, particularly if you're in the middle of an important event. That said, the issue that caused the game to softlock when using the "Skip All" feature after Chapter 30 is no longer a problem in Update 1.0.5.



  • New portraits are default enabled for all saves
  • A toggle has been added to the options menu to use "classic" portrait style


  • Adjusted scaling, fixed spacing widths for all Asian languages and updated the font(s) to use a more clearly readable variant


  • Enemy 2+ range squads should no longer have a "blind spot" where they fail to acquire a target despite one being in range after moving
  • Starting and growth of AGI for the Militia class has been increased
  • Light Cavalry charge attacks are now properly aligned with the Light melee volley, rather than in the same volley as heavy cavalry charge
  • Spear-wielding infantry troops have been given some damage resistance to melee cavalry attacks
  • Required deployments will still be placed in their own squad and locked as leaders for any missions they are *required* in
  • Rebalanced "pity" units given in certain chapters to fill out squads. Tier 2 units are now included for a bit more immediate benefit, but their overall quality is lower
  • Chapters 13 and 29, which have been affectionately deemed "playable cutscenes," can now be skipped as such (you will be accelerated to victory and given Faction XP as if you completed the mission normally on this turn where appropriate)


  • You can now select what sprite your squad is represented as on the tactical map using the "Map Sprite" option in Squad Operations
  • You can now change the sprite that displays on tactical maps to be something other than the leader's class
  • Added a new leader icon indicator for leaders that cannot currently have their squads be disbanded


  • Donar's Treatise of War now works as described
  • Ace of Spades now works as described
  • Fixed squads entering the map after it has started having the wrong movement preview associated until they move/are interacted with

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga Update 1.0.5 is now available on PC.

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