Susano Comes To 'Smite', Yasuo Eat Your Heart Out

Susano, God of the Summer's Storm Hi-Rez

Smite has really been stepping their game up with these new gods. From ice giants to whatever Xing Tian is, Smite’s design team has shown they really are a MOBA contender. The third Japanese god added to the game, Susano , is a wind dashing assassin that uses his swift abilities to destroy his enemies. On the surface, he bears a striking similarity to another wind assassin in a MOBA, League of Legends’ Yasuo. They look somewhat similar, and both use the wind and dashes to efficiently deal damage and get away.

But that’s where the similarities end. Susano is unlike any assassin I’ve come across in a MOBA; his kit is fluid without being too powerful. His passive gives him movement speed whenever his abilities are on cooldown, gaining four percent speed for each ability he has down.  

His first ability, Storm Kata, actually consists of three abilities at once. He first attacks in a cone, then in an AOE around himself and then finally a dash.  You can activate all of these abilities in succession, or pepper in some auto attacks as long as you activate them within three seconds of each other. An assassin loves nothing more than to get away after dealing damage.

Wind Siphon creates a channel of air in front of Susano and enemies caught in the middle get pulled toward the sword wielder. It’s going to be hard for our prey to escape when you keep pulling them back in. If they do manage to slip through your grasp, fret not, you have your Jet Stream which shoots out a small tornado that sticks onto a target. If you activate this ability again, you teleport to your target so you can continue hitting them with your pointy stick.

His ultimate channels a Typhoon that pulls enemies closer to its center. It does not do damage until it hits max size or is released. When you do let your own personal hurricane, loose it knocks opponents into the air and does a ton of damage.

Susano’s kit looks easy to learn, but really hard to master. His abilities flow well together, creating a fluid assassin who gets into a fight, does his damage, then dips right out of there. Susano came out in patch 3.8 and is now available to play on PC.

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