Surviving Mars Hotfix 4: New Gameplay Improvements and Bug Fixes

Surviving Mars
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Surviving Mars recently received a new hotfix that made gameplay improvements and fixed bugs. The developers have added a new warning notification when players are trying to launch a lander with colonists not having a habitat or when they don’t have enough resident slots. This warning will help players be aware of their surroundings before using the landers.

Additionally, the developers have fixed several crashing issues like the crash when players start a new game on macOS and a crash after a rough touchdown event when the drones unload the payload. The game crash after rough touchdown was quite annoying because it happened at the end of the event. This means the progress for that event would be reset and players would have to do it again or just ignore it.

Surviving Mars Hotfix 4

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed “no disasters” rule not working
  • Fixed “no terraforming” rule not working
  • Fixed disabling “no Below and Beyond content” rule awarding “Space Explorers” achievement
  • Fixed a crash when sending a planetary expedition that requires an RC vehicle
  • Fixed a crash when a lander rocket returns to mars with cargo containing a transporter that carries resources
  • Fixed a crash when requesting colonists from an asteroid
  • Fixed a rounding error on resources prevent the lander rocket from launching
  • Fixed a Waste Rock value being incorrect during landscaping
  • Fixed event anomalies spawning under resource deposits
  • Fixed the amount of surface polymers being very high
  • Fixed “The last War” event preventing the loading of cargo onto asteroid landers
  • Fixed not being able to send multiple drones through the elevator by right-clicking
  • Fixed the lander rocket request payload tooltip showing the ready status for prefabs that the player does not have
  • Fixed the issue where the number of requested colonists gets reset to 0 in the lander rocket cargo menu
  • Fixed where one drone gets transported through the elevator when assigning multiple drones to the elevator as drone controller
  • Fixed maintenance getting stuck on certain buildings (fusion reactor and electronics factory)
  • Fixed where drones were active in drone hub extender range while the extender wasn’t powered
  • Fixed rovers leaving the lander rocket twice
  • Fixed incorrect landing angle of the supply pod on a landing pad

You can read more about the update here.

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