SURV1V3 Update 1.0.2: Bug Fixes, New Features, and More

SURV1V3 steam

SURV1V3 recently received an update that added some new features and also fixed bugs.

The developers have made some new tweaks like changing the color of the buttons to blue to avoid confusion in the main menu and adding collision sounds to objects for realism. Additionally, the developers have also fixed lighting issues around the hospital building, which makes it easier for players to have vision around the area.

SURV1V3 Update 1.0.2

  • Increasing max smooth turn speed by 35%. This will affect your current configuration, so if you feel the new speed is too high, just reconfigure it in the main menu board
  • Reducing default squeeze force to grip with index controllers. This won't affect any custom setup you may have chosen from Steam input dashboard
  • Reducing backpack trigger area to reduce errors while interacting with close objects
New Features and Tweaks
  • Weapons: Armed bullet will move while cocking
  • Weapons: Changing pistol two-handed grip pose
  • Weapons: Tweaking AK47 fire mode selector trigger area
  • Graphics: DLSS quality setting
  • Graphics: Changing backpack slots color
  • Controls: Reducing backpack trigger area
  • Controls: Reducing default squeeze force to grip with index controllers
  • Zeds: Reducing the blending time of animations so that zeds can react promptly when hit
  • Main menu: Adding a new zed with "tutorial" sign so that users can start game tutorial right away
  • Movement: Increasing max smooth turn speed by 35%
  • Sounds: Tweaking headshot sound
  • Prologue: Players can access the tablet from their back since the beginning of the first mission
Bug Fixes
  • Weapons: The player cannot pick up magazines in specific situations
  • Safehouse: Under specific circumstances, an unlocked safe house will count a player as being locked in, causing mission restart
  • Graphics: Fixing double fade-out and fade-in during player respawn
  • Inventory: Item can get stuck in the player's hand and the player can no longer grab
  • Survival: Synchronizer won't attract zeds when dropped
  • Nowhere mission: Completing the last mission on higher difficulty levels may not unlock the correct achievement when playing as a client
  • Prologue map: Reducing radio scale in the first tent
  • Santa Carla map: Fixing safe house doors rotation pivot
  • Nowhere map: Shop area floor is not properly illuminated
  • Nowhere map: The TVs in the shop are not properly fixed to the walls
  • Nowhere map: The torn awning can obscure player sight

You can read more about the update here.

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