Super Robot Wars 5 Confirms October 3 Release For PC

The robot simulation RPG will release alongside a previously announced Switch version.
Bandai Namco announces a PC version for Super Robot Wars V, to release alongside the Switch version on October 3.
Bandai Namco announces a PC version for Super Robot Wars V, to release alongside the Switch version on October 3. Bandai Namco

The tactical role-playing game Super Robot Wars 5 has just been confirmed to receive a PC release alongside its Switch launch. Publisher Bandai Namco has announced that both versions have an October 3 release date.

The robot simulation RPG is set in the aftermath of the creation of the first unified government over all humanity, the Earth Federation, which marked the beginning of a new era called the New Correct Century and saw the start of humanity’s expansion into space. This led to multiple wars between humans and different types of aliens. Here is where the story starts when Soji Murakumo and Chitose Kisaragi are caught up in the war between Earth and an alien species called the Gamilllas. The pair will play a pivotal role in the war as they join forces with the crew of the Yamato, and players follow their journey to Iscandar to provide a safe haven for the human race.

The game’s mechanics are a mix between strategy, role-playing, and visual novels. Most of the action takes place in a free-flowing form that follows the game’s narrative. Most of the player’s gameplay revolves around strategizing before each confrontation and then upgrading units afterwards. Super Robot Wars 5 was initially launched for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita in 2017, and has since received multiple additional content and bonus scenario updates. Here are all 20 bonus scenarios that are also included in the PC and Switch release.

  • 01: A Life’s Vow
  • 02: A Fight Between Men
  • 03: A Cause Worth Fighting For
  • 04: Blooming Anew
  • 05: More Than Greed
  • 06: A Subtle Difference
  • 07: Learning the Hathaway
  • 08: A Disquieting Clash
  • 09: Acting the Part
  • 10: A Grudge Among Men
  • 11: Promise for a Fresh Start
  • 12: Three Strengths
  • 13: G-Hound’s Critical Battle
  • 14: Three Sisters of Axis
  • 15: Power to Pierce Through Darkness
  • 16: Bellicose Star Sea
  • 17: Clash of the Mazin Redux
  • 18: A Desperate Battlefield
  • 19: Co-starring Beauty and Power
  • 20: Another Desperate Battlefield

Super Robot Wars 5 is also known for its focus on the crossover of material from different mecha anime series in Japan. This includes mechs from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Invincible Super Man Zambot 3. Pre-loads for the Switch version are available now and pre-orders for the PC version will be made available on September 19.

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