SUPER PEOPLE 2: Latest Patch Notes Reveal Class Balancing Changes and More

February 16 Update
February 16 Update Twitter/@playsuperpeople

SUPER PEOPLE 2, the battle royale game developed by Wonder People where you control a super soldier fighting against other players, will be receiving an update on February 16 and it’s a massive one.

The upcoming patch will feature balancing changes for all classes in SUPER PEOPLE 2. But before that, the company is set to remove the Slow Healing system, which means that your health no longer recovers gradually after 75 HP.

Anyway, the Gatling Soldier’s Smart Bullet passive is going to be replaced with Bullet Tracer. This means that the class no longer has the ability to curve bullets to hit enemies more accurately. Instead, the Gatling Soldier will be able to see the trajectory of bullets fired by the enemy.

If you’re a fan of the Seeker, then you might not like the upcoming changes to the said class. That’s because the Seeker cannot shoot for 0.7 seconds after using the ultimate. This is a pretty big deal considering that the Seeker has relatively less firepower compared to other classes in the game.

Speaking of firepower, the Shotgun Master is skilled at close-quarters combat. However, the class will receive noteworthy adjustments that you need to know about. First, you can no longer use First Aid/Emergency Kits during a Super Jump. Second, the Shotgun Master’s Knockback perk has been changed to Jump Training. This improves accuracy when shooting in the air, with additional benefits once the perk reaches level three.

You can read some of the other balancing changes you can expect in the upcoming patch below:

Gatling Soldier
  • Increase Forward Defense’s rate: 3, 5, 7% > 5, 10, 15%
  • Decrease Dodge Roll temporary HP: 20 > 10
  • Change Bullet Tracer to Extended Magazine, per level (10, 30, 50%)
  • Gatling Gun’s base 100 bullets are fixed, but the bullets increase with Extended Magazine skill.
Shotgun Master
  • Remove temporary HP in Jump Training and get falls damage.
  • Decrease Super Jump temporary HP: 0, 30, 30 > 0, 10, 20
  • Remove Flashbang Knockback.
Strike Force
  • Change Lacerating Rounds to Rapid Fire (Rapid Fire 5, 7, 10%)
  • Bulletproof Shield can be created only for lateral and rearward damage.
  • Decrease Air Strike Damage: 50, 60, 70 > 20
  • Decrease Air Strike Cooldown: 60, 55, 50 seconds > 50, 40, 30s seconds.
  • Decrease Charge Shot Damage: 20, 25, 30% > 5, 10, 20%
Gas Soldier
  • Decrease Fireball Damage: 40, 50, 60 > 20
  • Decrease Fireball Cooldown: 60, 50, 40 seconds > 50, 40, 30 seconds
  • Increase Fireball Charging time: 0.3 seconds > 1 second
  • Adjust Fireball range: 50, 60, 70m > 50m
  • Decrease Fuel Booster Duration: 60 seconds > 30 seconds
  • Smoke Grenades obtained from farming are changed to Toxic Smoke Grenades: Damage by level for each tick: 3, 4, 5

So, what can you say about the upcoming class balancing changes in SUPER PEOPLE 2?

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