Stellar Warfare: October 23 Update Features New Spaceships

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Tense Games has released a new patch for Stellar Warfare and it features new spaceships, including fighter and bomber carriers, the “Avenger,” and the Bulwark. These ships are now available for building.

The developers have also improved the ship editor. Now, you can see which weapons, ships, and modules you haven't unlocked yet.

For those who are unfamiliar, Stellar Warfare is a real-time strategy (RTS) game with base-building elements. The new bomber and fighter ships are great because the former can fire plasma bombs, effective against heavy ships, while the latter can deploy automatically when enemy bombers and fighters are within range.

The devs have implemented some improvements to the multiplayer mode as well. For instance, fighters and bombers now respawn and work properly in multiplayer.

Patch Highlights

  • Added Carriers
  • Added bombers
  • Added barrel rolls to bomber attack patterns
  • Added retargeting for bombers
  • Bombers now retreat the moment the carrier gets out of range
  • Tweaked the attack patterns for bombers (balance between breaking off, barrel rolling, dodging, restarting attack runs)
  • Added targeting and behavior for AI fighters/bombers
  • Separated fighter/bomber craft movement code because otherwise fighters and bombers would move twice as fast in MP
  • Split up craft health component
  • Added The Avenger (new heavy ship)
  • Added The Bulwark (new heavy ship)
  • Added the Repeater Barreler anti-heavy turret
  • Added the Mini Repeater anti-medium turret
  • Split up the bomber networking and local code. Expecting bombs to actually behave as they should now over the network
  • Multiplayer fighters and bombers now move smoothly. The issue was the teleportation setting in photon
  • Set the network teleport distance of all ships from 3 to 20 to remove stuttering
  • Added hangar lights to fighter and bomber defensive structures
  • Added unit thumbnails for the Bulwark, Avenger, Fighter Carrier, and Bomber Carrier
  • Prevented fighters to set themselves as targets and launching themselves as a result of them being in range
  • Fixed that the AI fighters kept respawning because they didn't check if the target was alive before launching

The game is still in early access, which means there are a ton of things that the developers will polish before its final release. However, it is a good thing that they are working hard to bring in new features and implement important bug fixes.

Stellar Warfare October 23 Update is now available on PC.

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