Steam Soccer Sale Includes Football Manager 2020, PES 2020, And More

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New Steam sale wellplayed

Steam is hosting a special sale for multiple soccer games right now, with select games going for up to 90% off their original price. It’s the perfect time to grab some of these games Steam is offering. The Soccer tag sale, as Steam is calling it, will last until August 17, so grab the games while you can.

Some of the best games in the Soccer tag sale are Football Manager 2020, Football, Tactics & Glory, and PES 2020. Some games like FIFA 21 and PES 2021 will release next month and can be pre-purchased right now.

Steam Soccer Tag Sale

These are some of the games you can get for the Soccer TAG Sale on Steam:

  • Football Manager 2020 for $16.99
  • Football Manager 2020 Touch for $10.19
  • PES 2020 for $14.99
  • Football, Tactics & Glory for $14.99
  • FootLOL for $1.99
  • New Star Manager for $6.99
  • Super Arcade Football for $2.99
  • Behold The Kickmen for $1.99
  • Ball 3D: Soccer Online for $0.49
  • New Star Soccer 5 for $3.49
  • Super Soccer Blast for $6.39
  • TotoBall for $0.49
  • Lords Of Football for $2.99
  • Club Manager 2016 for $9.99
  • Football Drama for $0.99

So, what are your thoughts on Steam’s special offers? Are you planning on buying any games during the ongoing Steam sale? Personally, I would suggest waiting for FIFA 21 if you are an avid FIFA fan. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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