Steam Deck Plays Xbox Games Flawlessly, Says Xbox CEO

Valve Steam Deck
Valve Steam Deck Steam

Steam Deck is a highly capable machine that even Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, said that it can play Xbox games while on the go.

Spencer tweeted that the Steam Deck is a nice device with great controls and considerable screen size. He added that playing Age of Empires and Halo “feels good” and that the xCloud online gaming platform works well.

If what Spencer said is true that Halo runs really well on the upcoming game console, people can just buy the Steam Deck and play the upcoming Halo Infinite on the go. Perhaps this is the thing that some people need to convince themselves to get their hands on this device.

And if xCloud works without a hitch, people can have another library of games at their disposal and they can access them on just one convenient platform. That would be amazing indeed.

Fans on Twitter are really excited about this. User @xbox_chief said that it is crazy to think that the console can access the Steam Library and Xbox Game Pass on the go.

Another user said that if Spencer and his team won’t make a dedicated Xbox handheld device, then perhaps the Steam Deck is the next best thing. Although they said that they’re going to wait until more people get their hands on the console, they are certainly thinking of picking one for themselves.

For those who still do not know what it is, the Steam Deck is a portable gaming device with specs that can rival mid-range PCs. It runs a custom version of Arch Linux but you can theoretically install Windows OS if you are so inclined.

Because xCloud can be accessed through your mobile phone or browser on PC, you can theoretically just fire up a web browser on Steam Deck and access the platform from there. Of course, this needs an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. But the idea is that you can enjoy the service using Valve’s upcoming portable device.

It is still unclear if xCloud will have a native app for the Steam Deck in the future. Though it would be interesting to see people playing Xbox games whenever and wherever they can.

What do you think? Do you want to get the Steam Deck after Phil Spencer praised it for what it can do?

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