Stationeers: The Trading Update II Introduces Hangar Doors and New Gas Trading Mechanics

Stationeers-The Trading Update II
Stationeers-The Trading Update II Steam

Stationeers received a major update that introduced Hangar Doors. The Trading Update II also featured changes related to gas trading.

Hangar Doors

The developers have introduced multi-grid hangar doors for the upcoming trader types. These doors can also be used for the purpose of creating a safe environment for facilitating gas trading.

Gas Trading

The latest update included changes on how gas is bought from traders. Now, players can buy gas in bulk with the right assets, like Gas Storage and Gas Connector modules. Traders offer a variety of gas mixes that can be bought and loaded into your landing pad gas storage, which will be unloaded into the gas storage of your base.

Stationeers : The Trading Update II

Change Log v0.2.3740.18150
  • Updated missing character icon when dragging bodies.
  • Fixed Medium Hanger Door not being able to be opened with the crowbar.
  • Removed Search button from Stationpedia as it has the same function as home button. Pressing home will return to main search screen.
  • Fixed switchgrass appearing smaller in some slots.
  • Fixed transparency issue with switchgrass and hay material.
  • Reduced Volume of LandingPad Center.
  • Added Quantity modifier key (C by default) effects add and remove buttons on trading panel.
  • Fixed Trader selling Zero quantities of gas.
  • Fixed cold gasses sold by trader have Temperature text colored correctly.
  • Changed LandingPads to have the same pressure strength as pipes: 60 MPa.
  • Fixed bug where plants were not stacking/splitting correctly.
  • Refactored switchgrass and hay to remove IGatherable.
  • Allowed hay to be processed in advanced and portable composter.
  • Fixed can't trade with trader.
  • Fixed Can trade with landed trader when pad is in error state or unpowered.
  • Added LandingPad Gas Storage tanks play stressed sound when over maximum pressure.
  • Fixed Trading can only commence if landing pad is fully operational.
  • Fixed shuttles being able to depart when obstructed.
  • Fixed Gas Connector piece not blocking large grid.
  • Fixed Polish pass on how gasses are displayed in trading panel.
  • Refactored pipe network to inherit from StructureNetwork base class.
  • Changed Plants trading value is no longer effected by grow time.
  • Filled out InheritTraits to crops.
  • Renamed Airlock gate to small hanger door.
  • Renamed (kit) Airlock Gate to (kit) hanger door.
  • Jitter fixes - fixed terrain manipulator cursor not moving.
  • Adjusted Hay and Switchgrass grow/decay variables.
  • Added Hay to project.
  • Fixed Deep miner cannot be turned on/off with logic.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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