'Star Wars Battlefront' Servers Crippled By 'Battlefield 1' Beta Activity And Possible DDoS

The new outfits coming in tomorrow's free Star Wars Battlefront update EA

Star Wars Battlefront can be added to the list of games plagued by server problems in the wake of the Battlefield 1 beta. Users on Reddit have reported outages in pockets of the United States.

Issues sparked Thursday when one user, Ceez92, reported  having trouble finding and logging in to certain matches. This was quickly followed by about a dozen replies confirming the news. While it’s unknown if the incident is location-based, many of the impacted players added they were trying to access the multiplayer suite from the East Coast.

The situation gets even more complicated given a recent statement from the nefarious hacker group PoodleCorp that claims they “are responsible for the downtime of EA and Battlefield 1. Electronic Arts has not responded to the allegations, however, so it’s unknown if the credit is true and to what scale it should be owed. After all, Battlefield 1’s open beta has prompted lots of attention. A rush of new activity on the conjoined servers could effectively create a natural DDoS due to increased demand alone. With the news still fresh, it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on.

It’s equally important to note that some Star Wars Battlefront enthusiasts have been able to get back online at the time of writing. Connections remain spotty at best, but they appear to be slowly reaching normal capacity.

For those that haven’t heard of PoodleCorp before, it has  just started making a name for themselves over the past few weeks. In early August, the outfit also claimed responsibility for PlayStation Network outages and similar problems with Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode. Like the PSN dismantlers at Lizard Squad, PoodleCorp seems to get a rise from barring access to gaming features.

While not quite as critical as the Battlefield 1 beta, Star Wars Battlefront’s servers were taken offline during a significant feature drop. A few days ago, the Escape Artist Hutt Contract became available. Completing its required challenge offers a Trait Card with enhanced sprinting and melee abilities.

Star Wars Battlefront is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you having problems accessing Star Wars Battlefront’s servers? Is it a DDoS attack or just Battlefield 1’s popularity? Tell us in the comments section!

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