SoulWorker and KonoSuba Collaboration Now Live

The first collab.
The first collab. Lion Games

The KonoSuba gang is on a roll and is visiting SoulWorker. For this collaboration, the main event is the “Vagabond of Wonderful World” quest. This one runs from August 19 until September 2.

Konosuba refers to KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Though it seems that this particular collaboration refers more to the Legend of Crimson movie.

The Main Event

Going back to the event, it’s available to players who are at least Level 40 and has four activities, which are:

  • Vagabond of Wonderful World I
  • Vagabond of Wonderful World II
  • Vagabond of Wonderful World III
  • Path back to Wonderful World

Finishing these missions allows players to get special boxes and different rewards. These include character outfits and accessories, experience points, and Zenny.

Players can also look forward to limited-edition costumes modeled after Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Yunyun. Each costume also has a specific KonoSuba gesture, which should be a treat to fans.

SoulWorker Product Director YongNam Jo shared in a statement that this is the game’s first-ever collaboration and the team put in a lot of work to make this happen. He added that they hope to offer more collaborations in the future.

New Items Available

As part of this collaboration, there are new items available for everyone at the store until September 16. The new items available for purchase include:

  • Female Character Exclusive Costumes
    • Goddess of Wonderful World
    • Explosion Mage of Wonderful World
    • Lonely Commoner of Wonderful World
  • Male Character Exclusive Costumes
    • Adventurer of Wonderful World
  • Female Character Exclusive Packages
    • Legend of Crimson Heroine Full PKG
  • Female Character Exclusive Photos
    • Goddess of Wonderful World
    • Explosion Mage of Wonderful World
    • Lonely Commoner of Wonderful World
  • Male Character Exclusive Photos
    • Adventurer of Wonderful World
  • All Characters’ Packages
    • Legend of Crimson Masque
      • Useless Goddess Aqua Masque
      • Bashful Megumin Masque
      • Whimpering Yunyun Masque
      • Ridiculing Kazuma Masque
      • Flustered Darkness Masque
    • Masques of Wonderful World
      • Goddess Aqua Masque
      • Explosion Mage Megumin Masque
      • Normal Human Being Yunyun Masque
      • Adventurer Kazuma Masque
      • Crusader Darkness Masque

Released in 2017, SoulWorker is set in a post-apocalyptic world and follows the stories of heroes tasked with saving an already devastated city against enemies coming from another dimension. The game is available on PC through Steam.

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