Sniper Elite 5 27.06.22 Update Brings New Free Map and PC Tweaks

Sniper Elite 5
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Sniper Elite 5 recently received an update that added a free multiplayer map, new tweaks on PC, and bug fixes.

Free Map

The developers added the already existing No-Cross map Urban Ruins into multiplayer. This map is now playable on Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Squad Match modes. You might notice some changes with the map, which were added to give more angles for players to fight from. The central park has more cover, while other parts of the map are more exposed. Use the environment to your advantage to secure kills.

PC Tweaks

This update brings a FOV slider on PC, a great addition considering Sniper Elite 5 is a shooter game with plenty of action. Being able to change FOV according to your preference can make it more comfortable and even help with motion sickness. You can set it anywhere between 60 and 120, but it’s only applicable on PC.

Sniper Elite 5 27.06.22 Update

  • Removed some input delay and softened the edges of the deadzone for “aiming” input. This should result in better fine aiming control.
  • Various fixes to prevent the player falling or hanging through the floor, or getting stuck in the “falling” animation
  • Fixed general collision issues allowing players to walk through some walls in varying locations
  • Various fixes to players getting stuck on ladders
  • Fixed an issue preventing camera control when a player enters Photo Mode with ironsights
  • The free cam has now been restricted slightly in Photo Mode, to avoid exploits during Axis Invasions
  • Fixed an issue incorrectly allowing weapon scroll when using a mounted machine gun
  • Med Kits will now work as expected on application
  • The Precision Machines Receiver attachment will now correctly reduce speed rather than increase it
  • The Austen Control Grip will now improve recoil recovery as expected
  • Jeff Sullivan’s equipment will now appear as expected when selecting him as a playable character
  • “Show Off” and “Saboteur” Medals should now unlock correctly
  • Machine Gunners will no longer T-pose when shot
  • Player can no longer equip weapons or binoculars when using a mounted machine gun
  • Dead enemies hidden in crates no longer continue to move
  • Player is no longer able to hide underwater in the Landing Zone Multiplayer map
  • Grenades will no longer get stuck to the player’s hand when attempting to throw them
  • Grenade arcs will no longer disappear unexpectedly
  • Fixed an issue impacting the ability to use the Grenade hotkey

You can read more about the update here.

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