‘The Sims 4’ Update: Tragic Clown Is Back [VIDEO]

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Play as the Tragic Clown in 'The Sims 4' EA

Say goodbye to Jasmine Holiday, and hello to the Tragic Clown . The treats that came along with the Spring Challenge are here to stay. You can keep planting growfruit, hug your stuffed bunny, and admire your Easter eggs. However, since Jasmine is no longer, you won’t be able to ask her for super fertilizer or buy growfruit anymore.

The Sims team has reprised the infamous Tragic Clown to replace Jasmine. But beware, he will do nothing but make your Sims sad. If you casually view his painting, watch your back because he will apear to ‘try’ and cheer you up. Make sure to check out the clown outfit in Create a Sim.

If your Sim is brave enough to actually wear the Tragic Clown costume, brace yourself for ultimate sadness: ‘Tears of a Clown’ moodlet (Sad +3). There is an upside to this moodlet because you’ll get a few new gameplay options.

  • Show off your juggling skills, kind of. Your Sim will try, but fail miserably every time.

  • Try and cheer up sad Sims. ‘Try’, is the key word here.

  • The ‘Misery Loves Company’ moodlet gives your Sim a glimpse of happiness, but not enough to overpower the ‘Tears of a Clown’ moddlet.

  • Make Sims in your vicinity cry with the ‘Such Tragedy’ moodlet.

The latest patch also addresses quite a few game glitches. When directed to put food away in the fridge, Sims won’t sit at the pool instead. Custom music plays at all venues! For Mac users, if you have over 2001 mods, you can now access the gallery with no problems.

Via the Sims team, here all all the issues fixed:

1. Sims will again be able to synthesize serums at the Chemistry Table…

  • Serums have long held the belief that synthesis is merely an immoral theory, and as such fled at the thought. Scientists have spent many hours reassuring the serums that their belief is just a bad pun.

2. Sims should no longer sit down at a pool when asked to put food away in the fridge.

  • Reports have indicated that refrigerators harbor jealousy towards the pools carrying capacity, and water processing capabilities. Sims have been asked to ensure they think about the feelings of all parties involved when deciding where to put away their foods.

3. Growfruit, used as a fertilizer, now hellishly better than before! Intentions being good, do not always pave as meant to.

4. Custom music now plays as expected on all venue speakers!

  • Local DJs rejoice as they are once again free to play their music selections for all Sim-kind. Avant-garde, the Ballads, and Calypso… the Xoomii, Yodeling, and Zydeco! Styles to suit the needs of all playing issue free!

5. Previously addressed issue of Sims going to Painter and Tech Guru careers wearing face makeup, is now also addressed for all Sims saved prior to the introduction of the original issue.

  • Full face makeup has been known to cause temporary facial discoloration due to the application of color, and identification issues for the identifier, as well as prolonged restroom cleaning practices when de-applying the full face makeup.

6. Stacked rugs will remain in their stacked order after the lot has been saved to the Gallery. Issue may still persist with rooms saved to the Gallery.

  • A general malaise has been reported as the looming rug stacking competition is a mere millennia away. Front runners hopes are in knots, as they attempt to stitch together a plan for the up and coming event.

Mac Fixes:

7. Having more than 2001 mods installed will no longer hinder your ability to connect to the Gallery!

  • Engineer Hal reports “it was an odyssey, finding space and time to address this issue.” He was also quoted as saying “[It was a] journey of monumental proportions. We beat the ground repeatedly trying to figure things out.” And though we can’t directly quote him, it was reported that he declared the engineering group to be “...full of stars…” Others however discount the quote, saying he never actually said that, but that it may have been in an email.

8. The finder bar will no longer appear when edge scrolling at the top edge.

  • Scrollers have reported that scrolling scrolls as well as ever. No longer are they finding the finder’s lack of a fix found, to impede with their scrolling. We at W-GURU can only hope that all edge cases of the top edge’s edge scrolling are edged out.

When you login to Origin, the game should update automatically. Make sure you refresh your Mods and Custom Content by going to the ‘Other’ section in ‘Settings.’ Check ‘Enable Custom Content and Mods,’ then restart your game.

Check back for updates on the upcoming restaurant game pack and kids stuff pack.

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