Shatterline: Squad Leaders Can Now Kick Other Players from the Team in February Update

February Update
February Update Twitter/@ShatterlineFPS

Have you ever wondered what it looks like if you mix Call of Duty and Valorant? Well, that is actually realized by another contender in the first-person shooter genre called Shatterline.

Shatterline is a first-person shooter developed by Frag Labs with arcade gameplay reminiscent of Call of Duty and unique abilities akin to the agents in Valorant. While this game may borrow some elements from the aforementioned titles, Shatterline is unique due to its more fluid motion. Running, jumping, and sliding in this game feel very smooth and you can experience that fluidity yourself by playing it now.

Anyway, the game has received a new update recently that introduced nifty new features. For one, there are new icons that indicate the quality of your connection. The yellow icon means that your connection is bad, while the red one indicates that your connection to the server is terrible and needs to be dealt with immediately.

Another neat feature is that the party leader can now kick a player from the team. Additionally, they have the option to assign another person as the squad leader.

If you are into numbers, you will be happy to know that the February update also brings the Player Statistics feature to Shatterline. You can look at the statistics of other players by clicking on their badges and selecting the “Show Profile Info” button.

Player Statistics Feature
Player Statistics Feature Steam

Patch Notes

  • The Bodybuilder Season in Expedition has run to its end. Vanilla Expedition is back in the game.
  • Improved animation of the Bomb Dogs' attack, Chaser's flight and attack, and Strafers' movement.
  • New weapon inspection for the XM-40 Conciliator assault rifle, the U44 Culverina revolver, the Λ-1 Centurion submachine gun and Centurion Perforator, its legendary modification.
  • A new tooltip for tasks progress on the Session Details Screen so that you may see detailed info on every task.
  • The number of Blueprints you have is now depicted next to other currencies at the top right corner of the lobby screen.
  • A new Preview Window for Season Pass rewards and Store items, where you can view the item and its description in detail.
  • The Kill Cam was improved. Since many kills/deaths occur when both parties are moving, the Kill Cam could show the killer being behind a cover a moment after the kill. Of course, at the precise moment of the kill, the killer had a direct line of sight, but the way the camera showed it could be quite disconcerting. With this improvement, the number of such erroneous cases is minimized
  • Fixed issue where a single shot from assault rifles sounded as two shots in quick succession.
  • Fixed issue when a player’s name in the voice chat could stay on screen until the end of the game session.
  • Fixed issue where several Death Lab PvP map features did not appear on the mini-map.
  • Fixed issue where the kill sound failed to play when the kill was performed with a headshot.
  • Fixed issue where zoom-in and zoom-out sounds were missing for the G5 Earl pistol and U22 Svarog revolver.

Shatterline February Update is available on PC.

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