Sector's Edge Update v1.3.7: New Server Location, Bug Fixes, and More

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Sector's Edge recently received a new update that added new servers, features, and bug fixes.

The developers have introduced new servers that are located in Paris, US East, and US West. The servers also got an upgrade, which should make the game more stable. Additionally, developers have included an option for players to spawn close to the action when they press the spacebar.

Sector's Edge Update v1.3.7

  • Fixed issues with using some trial textures in custom maps
  • Cleaned up shadow artifacts
  • Fixed render distance and crepuscular rays in the tutorial
  • Fixed super loud audio when editing settings during the tutorial
  • Fixed issues with some map texture normal maps
  • Fixed issues with walk/sprint animations when jumping off ledges and running downstairs
  • Fixed issues with the redeploy timer
  • Other players pushing you around will no longer prevent you from redeploying
  • Peacekeeper now functions properly in the Arena
  • Fixed issues where parties were placed on the wrong team during initial team creation
  • Fixed a bug where players could change to the weaker team even if it is full
  • Fixed issues with selecting maps in the Lobby Panel
  • Fixed "Lobby Already Claimed" errors showing when changing the map after claiming a lobby
  • Fixed map meshing issues in the ship, trials and local custom maps
  • Pending Steam friends/friend requests no longer show on the social sidebar
  • VSync is now correctly enabled on startup
  • Fixed out-of-bounds region in team spawns on Breakthrough
  • Fixed transaction log scrolling
  • Potential fix for mixed up UI layout
  • Fixed loadout statistic percentage formatting
  • Fixed character skin being reset to Human Soldier on launch
  • Fixed loading screen rendering
  • Recoil system changes for some automatic weapons; recoil is still high but your screen won't shake as much
  • Fall damage SFX increases in volume based on how little HP you have left
  • Slide momentum is now maintained when sliding downhill
  • Removed the structure overheat mechanic
  • Removed individual spawn and cleared up spawning system UI
  • KDR is now included in the player balancing equation
  • Spawn protection after landing in a spawn pod is reduced from 5 to 1 second and cancels when contesting the objective
  • Huge backend cleanup and database optimizations
  • Engine and runtime stability improvements

You can read more about the update here.

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