Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Problems: Pink Line Display Issue Can Be Fixed By Manufacturer

Samsung Galaxy S7 in Pink Gold
Samsung Galaxy S7 in Pink Gold Samsung

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga has come to a close, issues have sprung up on the Galaxy S7 Edge. Several users have reported that a pink line has appeared on their device screens with no explanation, according to tech blog Myce.

There have been a host of discussions about the issue on a number of forums, including Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and YouTube. Users indicate that the line is not associated with a device drop, water contact or any other physical damage.

Some have implemented temporary fixes, which include a display reset by accessing inputting *#0*# on the device’s dial pad and pressing the Red, Green and Blue levels. This action should correct any disrupted pixels and may need to be done several times to complete

Some users have also found putting a little pressure on the handset’s screen near the front-facing camera has served as a temporary fix.

Samsung has now spoken out about the issue, stating users can bring Galaxy S7 Edge devices with a pink line in for service under warranty as long as the device does not have any other physical damage on its display, according to the Dutch tech blog Tweakers.

However a spokesperson from Samsung Benelux told the blog that issues such as lines and dots from dead pixels are often latent effects of device drops, even if the issue does not surface right away. The representative recommended that Galaxy S7 Edge owners use a smartphone case to prevent such issues.

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