RUNNING WITH RIFLES Update 1.87: New Content, Balancing Changes, and Bug Fixes


RUNNING WITH RIFLES received a new update that added new content and fixed issues. The developers added a new friendly unit: combat dogs. These dogs will be part of the soldier group and will spawn rarely. Dogs can attack enemies and heal friendly troops, which makes them a great addition to your unit.

The developers have also made some balancing changes to the Dominance PvP mode. The 150% HP vest was too strong and was immune to stun projectiles. In the latest update, the vest is no longer immune to stun projectiles, so keep that in mind before you go into battle.


New Content
  • Invasion: DarkCat tank has a small chance to spawn in other maps than the map "Frozen Canyon"
  • Invasion: idling players will be automatically booted from the server after a maximum idling time has been exceeded
  • Ranks: added 6 news high ranks in online invasion between General of the Army and President
  • AI: grenade tossing ballistics behavior added for potentially reaching a target behind a cover
  • Items: added CB6 goodies to the lottery pool
Balance Changes
  • Man vs. World: player movement speed increased by 15%
  • Man vs. Zombies: player movement speed increased by 15%
  • Man vs. Zombies: Elite Ripper has now a reduced movement speed when very low on health
  • Man vs. Zombies: increased the chance of crates to drop equipment (fewer empty crates)
  • Vehicles: standard radio jammer respawning time increased from 180 to 300 seconds
  • AI: taxi request time increased from 15 to 20 seconds
Bug Fixes and Tweaks
  • Maps: several fixes here and there
  • Maps: Tropical Blizzard is now less foggy
  • Maps: terrain in Vigil Island is a bit less steep
  • Weapons: Benelli M4 and the suppressed Benelli M4 are now a single weapon with alternate (suppressor) fire
  • Translations: few fixes mainly in PT(-BR) and RU
  • Dominance: fixed the map "Moorland Apocalypse" where the vehicle spawn locations were faulty
  • Man vs. Zombies: fixed Ripper and Elite Ripper's movement to go back and forth
  • Vehicles: destroyed vehicle wrecks will not instantly respawn anymore if crushed, but after the vehicle set respawn time
  • Vehicles: all deployable static combat vehicles (MG, GL, TOW, Hornet, mortar, etc.) are now easier to destroy through vehicle collision
  • Vehicles: deployable sandbags are now easier to destroy through vehicle collision
  • Vehicles: fuel tanks don't change the faction anymore when the base owner has changed
  • Vehicles: fixed a bug where the SEV-90 got unsteerable even though he had enough health left

You can read more about the update here.

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