Rumors Suggest That There's A Third Next-Gen Xbox Console On The Way

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The next-generation of consoles promises superior performance and technical capabilities over the previous generation. Microsoft has already announced two of its upcoming next-gen consoles – Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The announcement also had a positive reception from fans, with some even suggesting that the Xbox Series S is the affordable way to step into the next-generation of gaming. Despite all the positive reception, it seems that Microsoft isn't done yet. A recent rumor suggests that the company also has another next-generation console, codenamed Xbox Series V.

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S sound good on paper, with the Series X and S offering up to 4K gameplay at 120 FPS and 1440p gaming at 120FPS respectively. Many people have been wondering about the price difference between the Series X and S. Well, it seems that Microsoft might have another console sitting between the two officially revealed consoles.

The rumor was outlined by a tweet, which claimed that Microsoft has yet to reveal an unannounced console called the Xbox Series V and it is currently under development under the "Project Edinburg" title. The tweet also mentioned that the Xbox Series V will be more powerful than the Series S, but less powerful than the Series X. The accompanying image also gives us a look at the unannounced console's size.

As the next-gen consoles near their release, rumors and leaks are certain to pop up every other day. And, users will most likely choose to ignore them until an official announcement is made. However, this rumor seems to carry some weight to it as the tweet comes from reputable Twitter user Idle Sloth, who is known for providing legitimate Xbox news.

As mentioned earlier, the Xbox Series V will most likely be priced at $399, justifying the $200 price difference between the Series X and S. As of now, the rumored Xbox Series V is just that, a rumor. We'll have to wait to see if Microsoft makes any announcements any time soon about it.

Xbox Series X and S consoles are launching on November 10.

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