Rules Of Survival Offering New Gameplay With Hero Mode

New Hero Mode is here.
New Hero Mode is here. NetEase Games

Battle royale game Rules of Survival is offering players something new with the freshly-added Hero Mode. This new mode offers MOBA-like gameplay and lets players choose from different heroes. Hero Mode was launched just in time for Rules of Survival's second anniversary. ROS players should find this new mode a bit refreshing and relaxing while taking a break from fighting to survive.

This is the first time that MOBA-like gameplay has been introduced to the game. Hero Mode offers 10 different heroes, each having their own unique skill sets. Teams land on Ghillie Island with players needing to utilize skills as a team and come out with strategies to claim the victory.

Different types of heroes give players a wide range of choices that can meet their preferences. Those who prefer gun battles, for example, should take a liking to Sharpshot’s powerful M134 Armageddon. If destruction is more your thing then maybe go for Cometias’ Drone Canon and Comet Canon. Players who want it up and close and personal will want to go with Spectre Blade's Type.B Katanas. For those who are more into support, Commander and H4CK3R 0 are good choices that can call in an air strike or alert the whole team to danger.

Hero Mode was released with the new update on November 20. During the "ROSversary," new content is also going to be available, like the 20v20 Score Royale. Players can also earn loads of bonuses including login Diamond rewards, Diamond Airdrops, and Luck Chips for limited edition supplies. There's also going to be 40% bonus on first top-ups.

Rules of Survival is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by NetEase Games and released in November 2017. By May 2019, the game was released on Steam. However, unlike the versions on the other platforms, this version had a price tag that includes special gifts with the purchase.

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