Ruinarch: Update 10 Introduces Random Events and New Challenges

Ruinarch Update 10
Ruinarch Update 10 Twitter/@ruinarch_game

Ruinarch is a simulation sandbox game where you control one of the three evil archetypes - the Puppetmaster, Lich, and Ravager. Your job is to create obstacles and cause conflicts. In other words, you have the infernal tools necessary to toy with people’s lives.

Recently, Update 10 was released that introduces several random events. The patch also presents new challenges, thanks to the addition of the Wiccans and Divine Church factions.

New Factions

The Divine Church is the Divine-worshiping rival of the Demon Cults. This faction is headed by a Priest, the counterpart of the Cult Leader. Furthermore, this group can create Clerics. Each living Cleric on the map can disable one random player’s ability until they are killed.

The other faction, the Wiccans, is headed by the Great Witch. This Nature-worshiping group can produce Witches from ordinary Villagers as well. Each living Witch on the map can increase the Chaotic Energy cost of all the player’s abilities by 5%.

In addition, an uncommon landmark called the Hallowed Grounds is now available. The Demon Cult, Wiccans, and Divine Church can compete for this new spot. It provides a powerful buff that effectively doubles the damage that you deal to members of opposing religious-based factions.

Update 10 Highlights

  • Slick: A Slick character cannot be added as a Stored Target
  • Heavy: A Heavy character cannot be seized
  • Negative Nancy: A Negative Nancy reduces the Mood of other Villagers around them
  • Devout: Devout characters are more likely to Pray. They are the only Villagers that can spontaneously become a Wiccan or a Cleric and start the Wiccans and Divine Church factions
  • Added new monster: Gorgon
  • Demon Worship is no longer initially a crime for Human Empires and Elven Kingdoms. However, certain actions against a Faction may make them turn against you and declare Demon Worship a Heinous Crime
  • You can now instruct monsters spawned by Monster Spawner to attack a nearby Village. The Attack Village action is available in the Monster Spawner's Target Menu
  • Reduced cost to reveal Villager info from 8 Chaotic Energy to 4
  • Added a log when a monster is summoned to defend a village through a Shaman ritual
  • Defending minions can now be Unsummoned via Target Menu
  • Dead bodies outside houses of unknown characters will no longer trigger Murder assumption of other nearby Villagers
  • Reduced Nature Spirit HP to 1800
  • Overthrow Scheme still uses removed flaws when determining new faction ideologies
  • Vampire planning fullness recovery repeatedly even if a vampire cannot reach anyone
  • Vampire gets stuck in Bat form if you remove a flaw while it is in Bat form
  • Killing villagers with a Combat Skill does not create Intel

Ruinarch Update 10 is available on PC.

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