Rogue Company Update 1.28 New Rogue and Bug Fixes

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Update 1.28 is out for Rogue Company and it brings a new Rogue to the character selection pool. Meet Glimpse, a Rogue who can turn invisible with the help of cloaking technology. Glimpse’s playstyle revolves around her running around the map and gathering information on her opponents, which can help her team win fights. Don’t move around too fast or take damage because your cloak isn't long-lasting.

Glimpse’s starting weapons are the Nightshade AR and Knight SMG. These are great for roaming around the map without getting noticed. Her secondary weapon is the P12K Pistol, known for having the longest range among secondary weapons.

The update also fixed quite a lot of bugs. There was an issue where Options would stop working when players press the ESC key with a map open for the first time when entering a match. This made it annoying for players to change settings between games, but it is now resolved in the latest update.

Rogue Company Update 1.28

  • Fixed an issue where multiple Rogue Abilities had incorrect names.
  • Fixed an issue that disallowed players from sprinting when dodge-rolling out of scope zoom.
  • Fixed an issue with aim assist when targets were behind medium cover.
  • Fixed an issue with the A3 Salvo Weapon Mastery displaying at the end of each match.
  • Fixed an issue with smoke grenades and Nano Smoke disappearing after being thrown.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy names appearing on the screen after players respawned.
  • Fixed an issue with debug text displaying for teammates when a player rejoined a match.
  • Fixed an issue with Nano Smoke grenades getting stuck on the character’s hands when switching between weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Windmill Shake” emote audio persisting between rounds.
  • Fixed an issue with the SKL-6 reload sound failing to play if the Nimble Hands perk was purchased.
  • Fixed an issue with “Good Company” not tracking.
  • Fixed an issue with the “House Party” emote playing the wrong emote.
  • Strikeout: Fixed an issue where players would get stuck spectating after death.
  • Battle Zone: Fixed an issue that caused some crates to lack items when opened
  • King of the Hill 4v4: Fixed an issue with no maximum limit to gadgets.
  • Shooting Range: Fixed an issue that caused players in a party to be unable to enter the Shooting Range.

You can read more about the update here.

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