Rising World: Update 0.4.5 Lets Players Create Blueprints in New Game Engine

Rising World Update 0.4.5
Rising World Update 0.4.5 Steam

Rising World is an open-world sandbox game where you have the power to create your own castle. You’ll be given the necessary tools to develop the structures, brick by brick. The game is beautiful and the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination, so let your creative juices flow!

Recently, Update 0.4.5 was launched to allow players to create and place Blueprints in the new version of the game. For those who don’t know, Rising World has now fully transitioned to a new engine, which brings better graphics and quality content.

The old Blueprints that you’ve used in the Java version can be loaded to the new version as they’re going to be converted automatically. However, the converted ones can no longer be used on the Java version for some reason.

Anyway, Blueprints can be managed at the blueprint table. Furthermore, you can organize or move them to other subfolders, and you can even rename them if you want. A search function is also there for a quick look.

The update even allows you to export your Blueprints, turning them into .obj files that you can use in an external model editor like Blender. Take note that this is still an experimental feature, so you’re likely to encounter bugs when using it.

Update 0.45 Highlights

  • Blueprints
    • Added separate crafting station to craft blueprints
    • Added menu to browse, search and organize blueprints
    • Compatibility with blueprints from the Java version (only construction elements and blocks)
    • Blueprints are resizable (only proportionally for now)
    • Blueprint can be fully moved and rotated while placing
    • Support for grid when placing blueprints
    • Undo option to revert placed blueprints
    • New blueprints can be added to the blueprint folder during runtime
    • Multiplayer servers can restrict blueprint creation to player's own buildings only
  • Chests are now fully working
  • Added 46 new construction materials (textures), many of them are based on materials from the Java version
  • Added 12 different window frames
  • Added a shooting target (for target practice)
  • Added two trashcan objects which can be used to dispose of items
  • When destroying a chest containing items, these items will spawn in the world
  • Added additional pivots (in building mode) to the cylinder, hollow cylinder, and pillar
  • Note about the new version is now shown in the main menu
  • Added "fog" command to temporarily disable fog (for testing purposes)
  • New chest permission: useallchests (in "general" category), which determines if players are allowed to access chests of other players
  • It's no longer possible to place two identical construction elements at the same spot
  • If blocks in inventory have a color, it is now displayed in the item tooltip (when moving the mouse cursor over the item)
  • Increased max light limit (in graphics settings) to 100
  • Reduced brightness of white plaster material
  • Improved screen space reflections to reduce flickering on marble floors

Rising World Update 0.4.5 is available on PC.

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