Riftbound Update 1.1.3: New Systems and QoL Changes

Riftbound Update 1.1.3
Riftbound Update 1.1.3 Steam

Riftbound recently received an update that introduced a new currency and hero system, alongside bug fixes and other in-game changes.

Shops and Coins

Coins have been introduced as the new currency used during a run, which can be easily obtained from battles. Gems are still considered the meta-currency and will be counted at the end of the player's run. Some new changes for the random distribution of rewards have been applied, and map paths now allow shops to pop up even in a battle place.

Hero System

The previously introduced hero system was found to be an interesting way to gain a higher degree of control over battle strategy, but the rewards weren’t so convincing, even for the developer. So, they added several new unique hero upgrades, obtainable by leveling up, that can interact with each other.

Riftbound Update 1.1.3

  • Upgrade Cards now show a tag to indicate when they are “Stackable” and when they are “Hero Upgrades.”
  • Upgrade Cards now show status effect details.
  • You can now hold CTRL when hovering a spell to instantly show the tooltip (even if you have tooltips disabled in options).
Summoner's Path Game Mode
  • The starting marker on the map is no longer shown as a battle icon.
  • Updated the look of the map path for the paths that are no longer reachable.
  • Updated the loadout area, grouping heroic transformation with the hero upgrades.
  • Battle type and danger level now show above the wave bar during a battle.
  • New upgrade “Pawn” added to the standard upgrade rewards.
  • Maximum number of positive encounters on a map changed from 3 to 2 (this excludes the shop).
  • Boss battle now gives 3 rewards instead of 2.
  • Map rewards are now hidden, except for the next choice (the Scouting perk now reveals map rewards).
  • Signature Spell perk now shows all 5 signature spells when choosing.
  • The Inquisitive Nature perk now allows you reroll hero upgrades when leveling up.
  • Added new VFX to make heroes more obvious.
  • Fixed an issue where boon of protection showed a duration of 20 instead of 10.
  • Fixed the wave bar not being cut off correctly in widescreen mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the loadout tooltip UI could get cut off.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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