Remake of Star Wars: Knights Of The Republic Won't Happen At EA

Star Wars Knights Of The Fallen Order Wont Happen At EA
Star Wars Knights Of The Fallen Order Wont Happen At EA Pinterest

A month ago it was rumored that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was going to be getting a remaster. Before the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Knights of the Old Republic was considered the best Star Wars game of all time. Regardless of Jedi Fallen Order taking the crown, fans of Knights of the Republic have been yearning for a sequel for a long time.

Even though Star Wars: The Old Republic exists, it has failed to capture the kind of audience that KOTOR did. Fans of KOTOR would be pleased to know that the game is being considered for a remaster. The news came from two independent sources, but both these sources tell the news quite differently. One of the sources suggests that the game will be completely remade and the other one states the game will be getting a sort of reimagination, integrating elements from both KOTOR games.

A new report broke out recently, suggesting that if KOTOR is getting a reimagination or remake, it will not be handled by BioWare owner EA. Jason Schreier from Kotaku has been researching this matter is pretty consistently, and is quite confident that EA is not involved in the remaster, which means BioWare is also out of the conversation.

Despite the endless number of leaks surfacing the internet, an official announcement of the game's remake has yet to be made. Even if the reimagining is happening, we don't expect the announcement to be made any time soon and could be possibly aimed at next-gen consoles.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is considered one of the best RPG games to have ever released. It is set four thousand years before the Galactic Empire and lets players decide whether they want to side with the Dark side or the Light side, altering the destiny of the galaxy.

With hundreds of Jedi Knights fallen to the power of Sith, it is up to you to save the Republic. Some incredible features of KOTOR include unique characters, creatures, vehicles, planets, over 40 different Force powers, and building your own lightsaber to mention a few.

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