'Red Dead Redemption' Coming To Xbox One Backward Compatibility July 8, So Where's The Sequel?

Red Dead Redemption will be on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility starting July 8
Red Dead Redemption will be on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility starting July 8 Rockstar

Red Dead Redemption is coming to Xbox One via Backward Compatibility this Friday, July 8. Although many gamers already saw the leaks months ago, this news is now official thanks to a tweet sent out by Microsoft’s Major Nelson.

With Red Dead Redemption backward compatibility coming to Xbox One, more pressure is on Rockstar to make some kind of announcement about the franchise. Based on all the leaks and rumors, it seems like something Red Dead is in the works, and even publisher Take-Two has outright confirmed Rockstar will be announcing a new game soon.

A popular rumor was that the Red Dead reveal trailer was pulled at the last minute during an E3 press conference, due to similarities with the content of the trailer and the Orlando shootings that took place the day before. These rumors have been denied, at least on the Sony side of things, but it does seem possible. If that was the case, the decision made was the right one.

As for when Rockstar will be making the Red Dead announcement, hopefully we’ll see something soon. Gamescom is coming up in August, and Take-Two might want to use the conference to dominate the showfloor like E3’s was with Mafia 3. This is all speculation, however, so don’t expect any of this to turn out true.

What do you think? Do you hope Red Dead Redemption coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility hints at sequel announcements? Are you just excited to be able to play through a classic again on a new console? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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