Read Dead Online Update 1.19 Removes Moonshiners Shack For Some Players

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A few days ago, Rockstar quietly released an update for Red Dead Online without any patch notes. The update was only 3.2GB on Xbox One, 725MB on PC, and 620MB on PS4. Unfortunately, the new patch introduced some new bugs in the game. Rockstar's Twitter page is filled with complaints from gamers, and the company has already assured fans that they are working hard to quickly resolve these issues.

As of now, players have witnessed a massive reduction in the wildlife found in Red Dead Online. Arrows and bottles of alcohol are having spawning issues when the players play as a Collector, multiple moonshine missions are not giving correct rewards upon completion, and some players are getting no rewards at all. Some players have also reported that the Moonshiners Shack has been completely removed.

Rockstar did finally release the patch notes for the Update 1.19.

You can read all the bug fixes below or on the official site.

  • Improvements to issue with endless loading screens when performing some actions in Red Dead Online such as switching between game modes and sessions.
  • Improvements to issues seen when pitching camps through the Player menu, resulting in a flashing prompts and an incorrect “Cripps has packed up your camp” alert.
  • Fixed several networking issues that should reduce the chance of player camps being packed up during dynamic session switching in Red Dead Online.
  • Improvements to an issue that caused pitched camps in Red Dead Online to not spawn correctly when approaching the marked blip on the radar / map.
  • Fixed issues with player horses and riders being kicked off while in Posses.
  • Fixed an issue that caused player horses to be frozen in place and unable to move when other players are nearby in a Red Dead Online session.
  • Fixed several issues with some player horse visual attributes such as cleanliness not being correct after dismissing and re-summoning in a Red Dead Online session.

So what do you think? Are you having trouble with Red Dead Online right now? Are there any other bugs that you have encountered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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