Rainbow Six Siege's European Mini Major Stage 2 Semi-Finals Match 2 Results Are Out

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Rainbow Six Siege's European Mini Major Stage 2 concluded its semi-finals and the results are here. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the matches have been held online. The European Mini Major had some really exciting matches to watch this week, with all the matches played as a best of three format. We got to see a variety of maps in play, teaching us new strategies that can be implemented into our own games.

The matchup between Tempra Esports and Team Empire was the final match of the semi-finals. The first map was played on Villa, which is a defender-sided map. It was surprising to see Empire not banning Villa, as the team never really played Villa during the previous seasons. The first round was well executed from Tempra, as Tempra managed to roam clear towards the trophy site and cut off rotations through the study balcony. Tempra managed to win four rounds consecutively, which is surprising considering they were on the attacking side. Empire didn’t really show up on Villa and made tons of mistakes on defense. Round four was one such round where Danil "JoyStiCK" Gabov from Empire flanked without any information and died because Tempra was holding the flank passively. Empire then managed to take the first half with a 2-4 scoreline, which is terrible as Empire was on the defending side.

Empire’s Dmitry "Scyther" Semenov had an insane moment in round seven. Scyther was pretty quiet in terms of frags on defense, but on the first round of attack, Scyther popped off with a quad kill by entering the site and getting all the entry frags. However, Empire was unable to maintain the momentum and lost most of their attack rounds, which led to a 3-7 loss for Empire. Christophe "Chaoxys" Soares from Tempra carried his team with 14 kills playing operators such as Melusi and Nomad.

The second map was played on Clubhouse, which is a defender-sided map with the Thatcher and Ace ban. The first defensive round from Tempra was played on the Basement site, and the strategy employed by Tempra was pretty good. The Castle, Vigil, and Valk roam strategy employed by Tempra managed to slow Empire down and made it hard for the team to gain control over site. Dmitry "Always" Mitrahovich from Empire played an important role in round five, as he pushed from Motorcycle hatch into Church during the final ten seconds and managed to pull off two important kills. This allowed Empire to get the plant down. Empire managed to win round five due to Always’ aggressive push.

Empire on defense was more comfortable and was able to win multiple rounds. Empire used a weird strategy in round seven, where Always was roaming as Mira on Basement while the site was CCTV. Always managed to get two kills when Tempra tried to roam clear. The rest of Tempra tried rushing into the site and managed to get the plant down, but Danila "dan" Dontsov from Empire jumped out of the CCTV window and stopped the planter. Empire managed to close the second map with a 7-2 scoreline, with Always carrying Empire playing various operators such as Buck, Mute, and Maestro.

The third map was played on Oregon, which is a defender-sided map. The winner of this map gets to move on to face BDS in the upper bracket matches. Empire was dominating on defense by bringing in operators such as Clash, Jager, and Melusi to soak up utility. Tempra was unable to counter Empire because Empire tried multiple different strategies. Empire finished the first half with a 5-1 scoreline. The viewers thought Tempra would be able to claw their way through on defense, but Empire was so strong that it didn’t matter what strategy Tempra employed. Empire only dropped one round on attack and won the semi-finals match with a 7-2 scoreline. It was pretty sad seeing Tempra perform so poorly after qualifying for the mini-major.

For more coverage on Rainbow Six Siege's European Mini Major Stage 2, you can watch all the streams on Twitch or YouTube.

So, what are your thoughts on the ongoing Rainbow Six Siege European Mini Major Stage 2? Have you enjoyed the games and learned strategies from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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