Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Majors Playoffs Finals: Part 2

Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major
Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Major only had two remaining two teams. In the best-of-five finals, one team would become the victor of this Major. Check out the first part of this coverage.

Team oNe eSports vs. Team Empire

Map 4

The fourth match was played on Consulate, which is an attacker-sided map. Empire has played Consulate a lot and they are very repetitive when it comes to executing the site. Team oNe banned Buck on the attack as Empire always picks this operator to make vertical angles from a safe distance. Alternatives like Sledge or breaching charges will require attackers to get closer to the floor. Defenders can C4 the floor while attackers try to breach the floor and get easy kills.

Even though the play style remains the same, their fundamentals of the map give them an advantage over their opponents. Empire started on the attack and destroyed oNe by winning five rounds in the first half. This is no surprise for viewers who watch the European League. Empire is very comfortable when it comes to playing Consulate. The first half ended in a 5-1 split in favor of Empire. After the side switch, Empire made some mistakes on defense. But with a huge score advantage earlier, they still finished the map with a 7-3 scoreline.

Map 5

The final map of the series was Villa, which is a defender-sided map. This is one of Empire’s most hated maps as they rarely play it, and it was surprising they didn’t ban it. Team oNe started on the attack and countered Empire’s defense with ease. Empire was unable to win gunfights and had a hard time because Team oNe had exerted too much pressure. Team oNe got five rounds against Empire, and those were just from gunfights. Team oNe won the first half with a 5-1 scoreline. After the side switch, oNe won the game by just taking two more rounds, while Empire failed to get any more wins because of too much pressure and score disadvantage. Team oNe won the game with a 7-1 scoreline and was crowned champion of Rainbow Six Siege Mexico Majors.

Team oNe won $200,000 and received 375 Six Invitational points.

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