Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid Operator Abilities Leaked

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Rainbow Six Siege HK Operator
Lesion is the male defense operator for Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid. reddit

The long awaited Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid DLC finally arrives Aug. 29 and we expect to receive a new Hong Kong map, two Hong Kong operators, and one Polish GROM operator as well. We've already seen a glimpse of Hong Kong's female operator in the trailer and we also shared a leak of the Hong Kong map earlier this week. Finally, we have our first look at Hong Kong's Special Duties Unit (S.D.U.) male operator as well. 

Via reddit, the first thing we noticed from the image of the HK operator is the light armor setup (there's literally just a t-shirt underneath his vest). However, it's what's over the vest that's most intriguing – we're looking at vials of a green chemical neatly arranged across his chest. Meanwhile, his hand seems to be holding a toothpick, or a dart.

GU Toxic Mines
HK operator Lesion features cloaked toxic mines. Photo: Reddit

According to redditor HostageFuzer, the male operator will be a defender that goes by the name of Lesion. Moreover, his ability is known as GU, "cloaked toxic mines injecting a compound which injures opponents and limits their speed." It's not clear how the mines cloak itself, but expect Lesion's ability to be very effective against Ash, Capitao, and other 3-speed rushers.

While we got to see the female HK operator in the trailer, new info claims she is an attacker that goes by the name Ying. Back in April, early Rainbow Six Siege leaks suggested the attacker's name was codename "Dazzler." Living up to the name, Ying's ability is the Candela, "a "cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or rolled out as a grenade." 

R6 Siege grzmot mine
Polish operator Ela will introduce Grzmot mine abilities in Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid DLC. Photo: reddit

Finally, the Blood Orchid DLC will yield a Polish GROM operator as well. Once again thanks to reddit, we get a look at a new female operator. According to the leak, the Polish operator is Ela. According to a teaser from the Ubisoft blog, "Our new season will feature a driven 30-year-old Operator representing Poland’s Military Unit GROM, who will join Team Rainbow as one of its youngest recruits."

Based on Siege YouTuber NukemDukem, Ela is armed with a special Grzmot mine, or "concussion proximity mines that can be anchored to surfaces, impairing hearing and causing a dizzying effect." Honestly, Ela's ability feels sort of redundant to what Ying brings to the table. That said, Ela may be a defender to counter Ying's attack.

We definitely hope to know more details regarding Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid in the days ahead. Be sure to check out NukemDukem's video below for a more thorough look at our new Siege operators.

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