Rainbow Six Siege APAC North Division League 2021 Stage 3: Playday 2

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Rainbow Six Siege’s APAC North Division has just concluded its second playday of stage three. This is an important league as the first placer will qualify for the Six Major. The second to fourth placers will qualify for the playoffs, where they will face APAC South teams.

Fnatic vs. FAV gaming

The match was played in Chalet, which is an attacker-sided map. Fnatic started the map on defense and played a very roam-heavy setup. This was to counter FAV who would lurk at random parts of the map. FAV gaming was unable to get the plant down on site because Fnatic had denial utilities like C4 and Frost mats, which put a lot of pressure on the FAV gaming. Fnatic finished the first half with a 4-2 scoreline.

After the side switch, on the 12th round, Fnatic showed some impressive coordination on the attack. Fnatic started the round by cutting rotations from each side, and the player holding the piano window was able to get a double kill. Using this man advantage, Fnatic pushed from the backside and got the plant down. Fnatic won the final round because they played the post-plant pretty well. Fnatic won the game with a 7-5 scoreline.

DAMWON Gaming vs. Mantis FPS

This match was played in Oregon, which is a defender-sided map. Mantis started on defense and opted to play utility-heavy. Mantis bought utilities such as Shields, Jager ADS, Aruni Gates, Smoke Canisters, and Mute charges. All these gadgets can make it incredibly hard for attackers to execute into the site. Mantis was able to win the first round because DAMWON was unable to clear any utility in the site and tried to jump through the big window.

Mantis just held angles from the Dorms and was able to kill the attackers who jumped in through the big window. Mantis continued to dominate the first half, which resulted in a 5-1 scoreline. After the side switch, Mantis just rushed both the rounds and was able to get the kills. Mantis won the game with a 7-1 scoreline.

You can watch the stream over here. Check out the match details here.

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